Send hearts racing this Valentines, with the new Body Shop Collection

Valentines day falls on a Saturday this year, meaning it's the perfect night for a night out or a candle lit dinner with that someone special. Just in time for the special day dedicated to lovers, The Body shop has unleashed its powerful, Euphoric scent of Smoky Poppy in a fabulous limited edition new collection of pamper products.

Smoky Poppy brings with it a warm and spicy floriental fragrance which when immersed in the aromas takes you to another place. Each one of the tempting products contains real Poppy seeds along with extract of oil rich Poppy's hand picked from Ankara Turkey.

There are 7 products in this collection in total starting from Β£4-Β£14 each and for those who are really stuck for choice, there is also a gift set with 3 products for Β£17.00.

Shower gel Β£4.00, Body Butter Β£5.00, Eau de Toilette Β£8.50, Bath Bombs Β£12.00, Body Lotion Β£8.00, Massage oil Β£14.00, Body Scrub Β£13.00.

I have chosen to review the Smoky Poppy bath bombs and the Body scrub

The Bath bombs come in a sturdy tube of 6. Each individual bath bomb is in the shape of a semi circle rather than a full round ball. They do look a little small to begin with and one may be mistaken to think they need more than one in the bath. But appearances can be deceptive and these are very powerful bath bombs indeed. It's almost like magic or a fun chemical reaction. To look at them they just look like regular small bath bombs with fancy black dots on them. These dots are in fact the poppy seeds and when one of these is dropped in water it immediately fizzes and turns a plain old bath into a dreamy milky spa filled with sensual poppy aromas and poppy seeds. The whole bath turned milky white using just one of these and the scent was just amazing. It's a shame I could not get a photograph of one in action but having my phone or camera anywhere near a tub full of water really is not the best idea. Trust me these are lovely.

The one slight drawback is that they do leave the empty bath full of black poppy seeds which seem to get everywhere. A quick couple of blasts of water along with a good clean seems to get rid of them tho.

The Smoky Poppy body scrub adds to the whole Smoky Poppy pamper experience. Again this stuff is infused full of poppy seeds. It's a lovely scrub with exfoliating properties and therefore designed to lift away those dead skin cells. It's perfect for using right before applying any sort of fake tan product. I enjoyed using this along with the bath bombs and was left feeling relaxed and refreshed afterwards. It gives the skin a lovely soft feeling too and I could smell the Smoky Poppy aromas all night long. The Smoky Poppy products leave md smelling like a dreamy goddess, ready for either a night on the tiles or a nice relaxing evening and the perfect nights sleep.


As well as the lovely Smoky Poppy pamper products, The Body Shop has also bought out a collection of lip and cheek velvet sticks. These come in many shades and cost Β£12.00 each.

One of these really caught my attention and I was very intrigued to see what it was all about. It is the Universal Lip & Cheek velvet stick.

This is a little bit of a mystery as it had no shade name on it, it's simply refereed to as “Universal”. The first thing I noticed about it is that it's a black/grey type colour to begin with and I actually thought that meant my cheeks and lips were about to be turned black, almost like a Halloween type product.

But no of course it doesn't turn my face black. It's a very clever little product which I'm sure most ladies will absolutely love. This actually adapts to the pH of the skin giving each user their own unique poppy shade. In my case the shade is a lovely pink/light purple shade which suits really well. Everyone's will be different. It's a great product.

Using this means I do not have to hunt around and try out different colours to see which suits. It is really unique and I'm still quite baffled to how it actual works.

All of the above mentioned products are now available in Body Shop stores which can usually be found in most high streets and town centres. The products can also be bought online at The Body Shop UK.

I have been a fan of Body Shop products for years. I used to love spending my bits of saved pocket money in the Body Shop sales. The products are made from natural ingredients and are not tested on animals. The price of the products certainly reflects the quality of them and I would be delighted if I was to receive Body shop products for a Valentines gift.


  1. February 11, 2015 / 21:20

    Love The Body Shop – I’ll have to check out this new range, haven’t been in store in a while and I’m due to stock up πŸ™‚

  2. February 18, 2015 / 17:04

    I’ll have to try some of those products some time, are they available in the U.S.?

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