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Izebella may now be 2 years old but is no where near to having a full set of teeth yet.
I can always tell when new teeth are coming through. They don’t bother her as much now she is older but always the red cheeks, a sniffly nose and lots of dribbling.
Dribbling means wet and sore neck and chin. To help prevent the dribble on her neck and clothes I use dribble bibs.

DribbleBuster sell cute little dribble bibs along with a lovely assortment of other baby and toddler bits such as bloomers, toys and hairbands. They kindly popped some items in the post for my little toddler to try out.

Elisa’s Owls Plum Liberty Fabric Dribblebuster Bib
. Hard to believe but this bib was actually designed by a 9 year old and forms part of the Eliza’s owl range. it’s also a limited edition so I imagine it won’t be available for long.
The bib fits snuggly around Izzys neck. It fastens with poppers and looks like a little neckerchief. These dribble bibs are intended to protect clothing and skin against dribbles. They are also useful for drink spills. They are not designed for eating large meals and catching mess, for that a much bigger bib would be needed such as the Silly Billyz bibs which look perfect for hungry toddlers.
I love the colours and the design on Izebellas new bib. Butterflies have a very significant meaning for me and I seem to see them everywhere even on the bib.
Here’s my little cutie wearing it.



Izebella also has a beautiful Liberty Print Headband

The headbands also come in lots of pretty designs and fit Izzy perfectly.



The headbands and the dribble bibs can be purchased directly from DribbleBuster for Β£9.99 each.

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