Buster books, Our fab new titles

Buster books have sent us over some great new books. My kids love books. I must have at least 200 in my house. I could open a small library.
Buster books sell some really great fun titles. There is a selection of Buster fiction with all sorts of weird characters including a few aliens, explosions and monsters. Then there is a huge non fiction section containing all sorts of quirky books. Joke books, activity books, colouring books and so much more. My kids would have a field day if I gave them
a Buster books catalogue.

They were both very surprised to see two new books arrive. Here they are (the books that is)

The first one – The Halloween Activity Book has arrived at a perfect time really. Ryan has already started mentioning Halloween and what he wants to do and once he starts talking about something, he rarely shuts up until it has happened. So maybe this book will keep him quiet for a while.
It’s priced at Β£5.99 and full of spooky hair raising activities and games. There are lots of gruesome illustrations on each page with some well known spooky characters along the way.

Graveyard mazes, zombie attack survival, exploding brains, missing limbs and much more gore and horror will be found in this colourful eerie book.

This is one book that I would of absolutely loved to have myself as a child, having a very keen interest in ghosts and the paranormal myself. I loved and still do love horror and Halloween and I think Ryan does too a little.

Our next book is totally different to the one above. The Neon Colouring Book is priced at Β£9.99. In this book are endless pages of crazy swirling patterns, birds, exotic plants landscapes and more just waiting to be coloured in.

The art work on the pages is fantastic and very dazzling. Many pages very bright too such as this one.

It is recommended to use highlighter pens to do the colouring and get the best effects. These can be purchased very low cost from most shops and I think even poundland sells them. Bright felt pens will probably be just as good too.
It’s a lovely colouring book which differs from others. Lots of fine detail in the artwork just waiting to be filled in with a touch of colour.

Thank you to Buster Books for sending these over. My children love them and they keep them quiet for a while.

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