Beados Quick Dry Design Studio


Beados quick dry design studio comes from character online
It contains 500 tiny coloured beads and some templates. Also a working dryer which is basically a fan blowing cool air.

The templates each contain different patterns and are placed under bead trays. On top of the bead trays are holes to place the coloured beads following the pattern template.

We found this bit a little tricky. The beads are tiny. A pair of plastic tweezers are included but we found it even more difficult using these and ended up using fingers.
(I would advise that if you use fingers then make sure you thoroughly wash hands afterwards as the beads are sticky when mixed with water)

Once the designs are complete they need to be sprayed with water (bottle included) and then placed under the dryer to dry.

Now the instructions say 15 minutes but ours were still wet and sticky and needed another 15 minutes.
Once dry then can be lifted off. There are some suction cups in the set but only 2 to use with the creations.

The beads seem to form some sort of glue substance when wet and all gel together and eventually dry. Therefore it’s really not suitable for young children. I am a little wary now when Ryan and Jordanna use it, I have to make sure they don’t drop or leave any beads about for Izebella to get hold of.
They both seem to enjoy it. It can be a little fiddly and difficult to position the beads as they are so small and tend to move about and jump out of their spots, even when drying.
The beads come in little plastic bags and then transferred to a tray with separate compartments. However this tray does not have a lid meaning I have to find a tin to keep the beads inside whilst not in use. Also once the bead creations are made they leave a nasty taste on hands a fingers, I am unsure what this is but I make sure we all wash our hands afterwards.

There are some pretty creations to be made.

I did find that when we came to use the beads again on another day that some of the beads had become stuck together. Now I can’t be too sure if perhaps they had got wet whilst doing our first creations or if this is something that happens but it was a little disappointing. We managed pull a few apart to reuse them tho. I really do think something should be included to keep the beads in other than the small plastic bags which get ripped very easily.
There is the option to buy refills and other accessories to be used with this too.
It costs Β£19.99



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