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My children break up for Easter holidays tomorrow. I have a few days out planned but am expecting them to complain of boredom on a rainy day. I was therefore very happy when Derwent academy sent over a selection of pencils and accessories from their flip range.

Derwent Academy are based in Cumbria and boast over 180 years of experience in drawing and making pencils and accessories. Their new range is called Flip. In the flip range are 4 different types of triangular pencil packs plus 3 accessories. The pencils are all double ended, hence the name flip.

Flip Sketching Pencils

The sketching pencils come in packs of 6 in a very useful easy open plastic case. The pencils in the case are different sizes. 6B, 2B, 2H, HB. I actually have no idea what those sizes mean but I assume it's to do with the pencil nib thickness as they all sketch with different thickness of lines. The pencils are triangular, as are all the pencils in the flip range. This helps promote good pencil grip from an early age. The pencils are all eraser tipped so they can be flipped over to rub out mistakes. They are made from solid black wood and the colour is not lost when sharpened.

Flip Colour Pencils

This colourful caddy contains a total of 24 funky colours. There are 12 double ended pencils. Each pencil has two colours meaning you can simply flip the pencil over to use the other end. There are some very unique colours such as fudge and liquorice, butterscotch and bubblegum. They all seem to have nice foodie names which makes me feel quite hungry. The case they come in (as with all the pencils) is very robust and can be used in 3 ways. Flat, upright or as an easel stand.


Flip Metallic Pencils

The metallic colours add a bit of sparkle and glitz to pictures. There are 6 pencils in the case. All have double ends meaning there are 12 shimmering colours which include golds and silvers.

We found these metallic colours great for outlining pictures as they have a great shimmer effect.


Flip Watercolour

The watercolour pencils look identical to the colour pencils on first glance. The colours are basically the same but the difference is that they can give a different effect when water is used. The pencil works as a dry pencil and when you go over your drawing with a little wet paintbrush, the drawing turns into a painting. This is what Jordanna did with the watercolours.

As you can see. Her little picture using a pencil now looks like paint. This probably isn't the best example and the watercolours do give some really unique effects

The pencils contain a rich pigment which dissolves with water, thus creating a fluid effect.



Flip Accesories

A useful selection of accessories to use with the pencils is also available. Triangular erasers which can also be used for drawing with. Pencil grippers and a sharpener with a pop up button letting you know when pencil is sharp enough.

The Derwent Academy flip range is aimed at children aged 7-12 years. The pencils are designed to assist children with pencil grip. More information can be found at Derwent Academy

If you like my review and are thinking you would not mind these for your children them look out for my competition within the next few hours. The prize will be all the items I have shown on this post.




  1. April 10, 2014 / 10:42

    Lovely post on an interesting range. The numbers on the graphite pencils refers to the hardness of the lead. 6B is the softest and gives a darker, thicker line, then you gradually work up in hardness 4B, 2B & B each on getting harder, paler and the line gets thinner. You then move into the H’s starting with HB, H, 2H, 4H, 6H. These get harder and harder with the 6H being extremely hard and pale. Hope this explains in a basic way the numbering of these pencils. Karen

    • April 10, 2014 / 10:43

      Thanks Karen. That’s really useful to know. Always wondered what the numbers meant.

  2. April 17, 2014 / 15:05

    I like the metallic pencils, and my kids would love the novelty rubbers! Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

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