Pop Chef

You have by now probably seen Pop Chef advertised on television and may be wondering what it’s all about.

Pop chef is a simple kit which allows you to make lots of fantastic shapes from everyday foods. It can be used to make amazing displays and can even be helpful to encourage children to try certain foods they wouldn’t normally.
In the box you get the pop chef tool, skewers and six different shapes heart, star, circle, flower, butterfly and sun) the pop chef parts are small and can easily be stored in a drawer when not needed.

Also includes of course are the instructions aswell as a recipie booklet with ideas of things to make.
The pop chef is very simple and easy to use. All you do is select the shape you want and attach it to the bulb with a simple twist. Choose your food, then push the pop chef down into your food, pull out and squeeze the pop chef bulb to pop the food out.

For our first attempt at pop chef we used a selection of fruits that we had in the kitchen. However other foods can be used. Pop chef works using Air pressure to pop the shapes out and sometimes the food gets a little stuck in the pump, it’s easy enough to remove tho.
What we didn’t realise on our first go is that you do need to slice the food quite thinly before using pop chef. If foods are too thick it simply won’t work and will just leave an imprint in the food which you have to cut around.
Once the food shapes are made they can be popped onto the included skewers to perhaps make fruit kebabs or beautiful fruit displays such as these.

Pop chef would also be great for making cake decorations from thick icing or even making lite biscuits from dough.

Pop chef is a fun but rather messy activity. Expect lots of food bits everywhere and lots of messy fruit juice spills. My kids love it tho. The only thing as above is knowing how thin to slice the fruit, but practice makes perfect I guess.
Pop Chef comes from Character Online it costs Β£9.99 and can probably be found in most good toy stores. It is suitable for boys and girls ages 5+. It does contain skewers which have pointed ends so care must be taken when using these.


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