Half term fun with Dobble

My children break up for half term on Friday and with the weather feeling colder and the rain still pouring they can get fairly bored stuck indoors.
Luckily they have been sent some fun games from Esdevium games. The first of which is named Dobble

Dobble is a fun yet very simple games consisting of a little tin and 55 round cards.

Each card consists of a series of objects such as hearts, igloos, trees, cars, scissors and more. There are several mini games that can be played and each involve either getting as many cards as possible or getting rid of your cards first.
The games all involve matching patterns from the cards you have to the play card or the opponents card. Every pair of cards will have one matching symbol on each and players have to look at their own card and find the matching symbol.
Sounds simple doesn’t it? Believe me it’s not as easy as it sounds. Even I struggled a fair few times to find the symbol, you have to look close. The symbol won’t be in the same position as it is on a matching card and may not be the same size either. Look at this picture of these two cards.

Did you find the one matching symbol?
Dobble is all about observation and speed. Players have to observe two cards very very carefully and spot the one symbol that matches before the other players.
The first mini game starts off by each player having one card each face up. The deck stays in the middle favs up and players try and match a symbol. Whoever matches and shouts first takes the card and places it over their first one. Thus revealing a new card in the deck to match too. The winner is then the player with most cards.
The second mini game involves all the cards but one being dealt and players trying to get rid of their cards first,

There are 5 different mini games to play.
Dobble states it’s suitable for ages 6 and over tho I think younger children would also enjoy it. It’s for 2-8 players and lots of fun.
I have seen Dobble in Tesco for Β£12.99 aswell as Amazon and many other toy/game retailers.

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