Indola: Innova Pure range

I was sent over some great products from the latest Indola range called Innova Pure.
The Innova Pure products are 100% silicone free and are designed to cleanse and revive hair.
There are three products in the range that work together to give hair a good detox regime.

Indola Pure Detox Shampoo

20130807-120134.jpg. This product should be used first when washing your hair. It can be used as part of daily hair care routine and it contains ocean proteins. It cleanses and cleans deep to the roots and smells great. If your hair is feeling dry or damaged due to the elements or stress then this shampoo is what you need.
Β£8.50 for 300ml bottle

Pure Energy Mask

20130807-120614.jpg. This is step two in the three stage detox regime. After using the shampoo and rinsing this can be applied to hair. It contains Keratin to recharge hair from within and leaves hair much stronger, shinier and overall softer and easy to manage. The purified formula really nourishes the hair and is kind to scalp too and again it smells great.
rrp- Β£9.10 150ml bottle

Pure Refresh Tonic

After washing hair with the shampoo and energy mask its time for the final part of the hair treatment. This is a refreshing tonic which is sprayed onto hair before styling. The refreshing tonic helps restore shine prior to styling and helps keep hair safe from elements. It has a very easy spray feature you simply spray on and style.
rrp- Β£8.85 250mls

After using these products my hair was left super shiny, soft and manageable. They are great products to use especially if you want your hair to look great on a night out.

My hair is quite long and also coloured and I straighten it often and therefore prone to frizz and dryness. The Indola range made my hair feel much better and made it look amazing too.

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