Last minute toys – Xtrem Bots

If you haven’t bought that present for say a niece or nephew or even your own darling child then fear not as there is still time, approximately a day and a half of shopping left.… View Post


   Stikbots come in lots of colours and when we first saw them we were not too sure what to make of them. They look like small plastic robotic type figures with faces and a… View Post


Ryan and Jordanna have been having a mini break from their gadgets and instead been making OiDroids. In a way they are like gadgets without being gadgets if that makes any sense. Did you ever… View Post

Robot Slayer review & Competition

Robot Slayer is the idea of Vincent Kamp. It is available as a book and app. The idea of robotslayer is actually a story that Vince would tell his 3 year old son Leo. The… View Post

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