Ryan and Jordanna have been having a mini break from their gadgets and instead been making OiDroids. In a way they are like gadgets without being gadgets if that makes any sense.

Did you ever play with those cardboard pop out dolls when you were younger? The paper dolls in books that popped out which you could then fold to stand and add different outfits and accessories? Well the OiDroids are similar but more up to date. They are unique pop out and build robots.


The term robot should not fool you into instantly thinking it’s a boys thing only. Girls can have just as much fun popping them out and building them.

The OiDroids come in packs of either 4 or 12 and there is also a party pack too.



The party pack contains 10 packs of OiDroids as well as 10 invitations and plastic goody bags and is therefore the perfect addition to a party.


There are a massive 96 OiDroids to collect. Some rarer than others. Each one has it’s own unique name and number and a different way of folding.

There is no glueing or taping involved. They simply pop out and fold up by following the pre creased folds. No cutting is needed either.



Packs of OiDroids can be purchased from WH Smith stores as well as a list of Stockists. They can of course also be purchased directly from the OiDroids website.
For those who love OiDroids there is even a club Membership is just Β£17.99 and includes monthly deliveries of OiDroids as well as other benefits and offers.
Packs of OiDroids cost Β£4.99 for 12 pack and Β£14.99 for the party pack.



There is even an OiDroids app too available for both apple and android devices. Where you can really bring your droids to life. Details here


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