Last minute toys – Xtrem Bots

If you haven’t bought that present for say a niece or nephew or even your own darling child then fear not as there is still time, approximately a day and a half of shopping left.
Today I am going to be featuring a few last minute ideas for the kids.
Starting with a present that has been popular for a fair few decades now. It’s a robot.

This is the Xtrem bot, it retails in Argos and Amazon at Β£29.99 and is also available from other stores. Kids who like their robotics and gadgets will love this guy. He talks and walks and can be programmed with a huge 50 Different actions at once.
He doesn’t just walk one way either like some other robots do. No he can walk forwards, backwards and even side to side, he also slides and even dances.

He does various facial expressions too. His language is quite limited to his own “robot” type language and the very smart remote has a really good range on it.
Xtrem bot is suitable for children 5 and over.

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