Six Simple Steps To Make A New House Truly Feel Like A Home

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6 Important Things A Family With Children Should Pay Attention To When Buying A Property

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6 Tips for New Home Buyers in 2022

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Building A New Home? How To Make It Sustainable

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Last-Minute Housewarming Gift Ideas That Every Host Will Love

“House guest etiquette rule No. 1: NEVER show up to a housewarming party EMPTY HANDED.”  Gifts are a sweet way to show love, appreciation, and respect for a person. It indicates that you are genuinely… View Post

3 Documents You Did Not Think You Needed When Selling Your Home

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Chaos before Christmas

Just over a week ago I finally moved house. It was a long awaited move. I rent my home and originally had the offer back in September. I waited around ten weeks for it after… View Post

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