6 Important Things A Family With Children Should Pay Attention To When Buying A Property

The birth of a child is one of the turning points that change the parents’ worldview and lifestyle. From this moment on, their actions are guided by a balance between their own interests and the kids’ needs. They are carefully taken into account when making crucial decisions, especially when choosing and buying a home.

What should you pay attention to when buying real estate and what factors should be decisive? Find answers in our article.

Ecological situation

There are many more chances to raise a healthy child in a healthy environment. The state of ecology can vary in different areas of the metropolis. Take a look at houses nearby large parks.

Up to a certain point, you will walk with the baby in the stroller: it is much more comfortable to do this among the trees, especially in the summer heat.

The arrangement of the park should be assessed in advance, in particular, the condition of footpaths and lighting. At the same time, the path to the park should be equipped with comfortable benches and points where you can buy drinking water and healthy snacks. 

For comparison, even in Dubai, which is famous for skyscrapers, in residential areas, there are always green zones with fountains, durable benches Dubai or rattan outdoor furniture. Although, the chill-out areas are more luxurious here, some even with pools with sun loungers or other comfortable furniture. 

Social infrastructure near the house

Even if your child is under school age at the time of buying the property, find out if there is a school nearby. Long trips to school by car or public transport will not please you or your child.

Well, if kids are still babies, think about having a kindergarten nearby. Another important institution is the medical center.

Checking children’s development and language centers, and sports complexes near the house is the next step in the assessment. The combination of these activities simultaneously develops the mental and physical qualities of children. In many ways, the involvement of the child depends on how close the complex is. A long and uncomfortable road eventually forces many children to drop out of school, especially if they are in high school. On the contrary, a nearby football field, swimming pool, or climbing wall creates conditions for regular physical activity and helps relieve stress or throw out emotions.

Building layout

When there are no children, you don’t think about the nursery in the house. But it should be away from the living room and next to your bedroom. Think about this when buying a property, because when you have a baby, this issue will have to be decided practically, not theoretically.

Pay attention to the fact that something is constantly happening in the family: children are growing, and perhaps their number is increasing. Surely you’ll have to make a nursery room your bedroom, and a bedroom from the office. Is the home you have chosen capable of such transformations?


Some mistakenly believe that it does not matter who your neighbors are. However, if only childless youth or old doddlers live in the neighborhood, then a family with children may feel quite uncomfortable.

Prospects for the development of the region

The development of the area may worsen or improve the quality of your life. Focus on the development of transport infrastructure, the possible construction of undesirable objects like a thousandth mall, a stadium, or a factory. Perhaps the construction of a metro station or a major interchange is planned near the house? Find out in advance.

Reviews of real residents

When choosing an apartment or house in a particular area, talk to real residents. So, you will not only make new friends but also evaluate all the pros and cons of the area and learn about existing problems.

A couple of tips for choosing a home

  • Check out the house in the spring. This is the best period when the snow melts especially actively, and the soil has high humidity. In winter, you can check how well the heating system works, but you won’t see defects in the foundation or roof, the presence of a landfill in the yard, or untidy territory.
  • When choosing a home, you should give preference to those buildings in which people used to live. They are more prepared for the constant presence of residents, there will be no serious violations of heating or water supply. Moreover, when someone builds “for themselves” and not for sale, then this can serve as a real quality guarantee.
  • Don’t hope that the former owner will honestly talk about the cons. His goal is to get money for the building as quickly as possible. Therefore, you will have to reach the truth on your own or with the help of specialists. You can talk to the neighbors – usually, they also know how the house was built. These are disinterested people, they can tell a lot of things that the owner doesn’t want to mention. 
  • We advise you to evaluate the adjacent area. Make sure that there is no excess moisture on the territory, and that the housing isn’t covered with neighboring trees or buildings on someone else’s property. It is important to check how big the backyard is, whether it is possible to equip a children’s complex there or just put a grill.
  • All questions that arise during the examination should be written down. If necessary, you can photograph questionable stuff. Then it is enough to show all this to a specialist to get answers.

Final thoughts

Summing up, it is worth saying that not every house is suitable for a young family with children. When choosing a building, it is necessary to take into account all factors, ranging from the area of the backyard to the presence of playgrounds and kindergartens in the immediate vicinity. Only by evaluating all the crucial criteria, you can choose really comfortable housing, which will always be safe and comfortable and soon will become your real home.

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