Important Checklist – Essential Things To Do Before You Die

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 45 thousand people die due to heart disease in Texas, whereas 40 thousand die because of cancer. This death rate accelerated after the global… View Post

Why You Should Consider Cremation in the Future

Have you ever thought about how you want your funeral to be? Would you like your body to be cremated or would you prefer to be buried in the ground? For many people in Austin,… View Post

Funeral Planning Checklist- Getting Ready For The Final Goodbye

Losing a loved one is hard to deal with, but life goes on. You will probably realize its pace when you have to arrange the funeral amid the grief and sadness. But your loved one… View Post

When is the right time to discuss the biggest taboo?

We are all human, we all follow the same road and we all have parents. Many of us dread the thought of our parents passing and one thing I’ve noticed as I get that little… View Post

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