Funeral Planning Checklist- Getting Ready For The Final Goodbye

Losing a loved one is hard to deal with, but life goes on. You will probably realize its pace when you have to arrange the funeral amid the grief and sadness. But your loved one deserves a final goodbye, and you will want it to be a beautiful one, despite the emotional turmoil. You will also need to consider the financial aspects because the average cost of a funeral in the UK runs in thousands. Proper planning is essential to make sure that everything is in place and within your budget.

Here is a checklist that can help.

Prepare a list of tasks

When you are grieving the death of a family member, remembering things can be difficult. It is best to have a list of tasks for the funeral arrangements in writing. Include important items such as choosing a funeral home, getting an obituary notice ready, and arranging transportation. Skip the ones that aren’t related to the event, such as managing the deceased’s estate and belongings. 

Seek help where you need it

Although you may want to do everything yourself, things can get overwhelming due to grief and pain. Seek help where you need it, and friends and relatives will be more than willing to lend a hand. Consider the tasks in the planning list you can allocate to others and mark the details on it. You can expect calls from everyone you know, and it is best to let someone else handle them, so have a loved one share this responsibility. You could also consider outsourcing certain parts of the day itself to people like this funeral catering County Durham company and take the pressure of some tasks off your shoulders.

Research funeral costs

While money may not be on top of your mind right now, you have to be financially prepared for the funeral costs. It may vary depending on your location, so doing some research is a good idea. If you want to know the cost of funeral services in Los Angeles, check the state average online. You may call a local funeral home or ask someone who has arranged one recently. Find details such as burial expenses, cost of transportation, staff, and equipment, etc.

Check the deceased’s insurance

You may have enough savings to handle the expenses of the service, but it always makes sense to check the life insurance policy of the deceased. Their insurance plan may provide for the funeral costs, so you will not need to worry about them. Check with the insurance provider and get started with the claim process because it may cover much of the expenses. You may secure the claim later, but it always helps.

Contact a funeral home

The final step of the checklist is contacting a funeral home and deciding the details of the service. Taking a friend or family member along is a good idea because you will need to make several important decisions. These include deciding whether the deceased is to be buried or cremated, the kind of service you want to have, where it will be held, and the final resting place. You will also need to look after floral arrangements, passages to be read, and music.

A funeral isn’t something anyone will want to arrange, but you will want it to be the best goodbye for your loved one. This checklist will help you oversee things despite the emotional and financial challenges of the situation.

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