3 Tips For Caring For An Elderly Loved One Who’s Sick

If you have an elderly loved one that gets sick in one way or another and you have the opportunity to help care for them, there are a few things that you’re going to want… View Post

What Are the Best Garden Designs To Reduce Fall Risk for the Elderly?

Gardens are soothing and healing, especially for seniors. As our elders enjoy more outdoor time, safety is just as important as beauty in these spaces. This rings true, particularly at assisted living facilities where gardens… View Post

Drink Options for Elderly Family Members

Having elderly family members is a blessing. What easier way is there for interesting family stories, life advice, important cultural practices, and even companionship? Unfortunately, aging is not kind so extra care is needed when… View Post

What to Look for In a Senior Care Facility

Has the time come that it makes sense to move your elderly parent into a senior care facility? Maybe it’s not for your parent; rather you are the one considering a senior care facility. Where… View Post

5 Types of Nursing Home Abuse That You Must Keep an Eye Out for

Residents of a nursing home have legally mandated rights. Among those rights, access to a non-abusive and non-neglectful environment is one of the most important. Yet, this right is also one that is most frequently… View Post

Tips on Finding Dementia Care Homes

Dementia is a disease with no proven and effective therapy. Common symptoms are general memory problems, confusion, and inappropriate behaviour. These usually occur in the early stages of the disease, so such signs are often… View Post

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