5 Types of Nursing Home Abuse That You Must Keep an Eye Out for

Residents of a nursing home have legally mandated rights. Among those rights, access to a non-abusive and non-neglectful environment is one of the most important. Yet, this right is also one that is most frequently violated in nursing homes.

The word β€˜Abuse’ refers to a broad term. It encompasses many activities, behavioural inclinations and treatments. Sometimes, abuse merely shows itself in neglect or unintentional disregard of the residents. However, some severe cases may include intentional mistreatment, mocking behaviour, disrespect, and even physical violence. Whatever the type of the abuse may be, it is still heartbreaking that your loved ones or your family members can be subjected to it. It is hard to imagine that a nursery home, as a part of the health care and social assistance sector, which is meant to take care of your loved ones, could be a place where they suffer from abuse and negligence. After discovering the issue, a nursing home abuse lawyer can come to the rescue. You can contact the lawyer, after noticing sudden changes in behaviour, physical injuries and other signs in your loved ones. It is crucial to get legal help despite the degree of abuse. The severity of the abuse varies with the circumstances.

The residents must know the common forms of abuse they may suffer. Their friends and family must also know of the signs so that they may take action against the administration in time. Read the valuable nuggets of the information below to understand the common types of nursing home abuse;

1. General Neglect

Sometimes, the residents are intentionally or unintentionally neglected in the provided care. Neglect is a milder form of abuse. As mentioned atΒ wattelandyork.com, abuse is an activity carried out with malicious intent and meant to cause harm.Β . Indifference, carelessness, and lack of oversight are the standard ways residents of a nursing home are neglected.

Some nursing homes leave vulnerable residents alone for an extended time. They leave them unclean, hungry and thirsty. Some residents do not get their medications at all, or they do not get them at the proper time. They dismiss complaints of neglect and chalk it up to paranoia. The safety and security of residents are threatened.

2. Physical Violence

An intentional act of violence that causes bodily injury or trauma to a resident classified as physical abuse. While all residents are vulnerable to it, the patients with cognitive disorders are frequent targets of physical abuse by opportunistic bullies.

Some orderlies or guards hit, slap, punch, or kick the residents. They may push, grab, or shove them roughly. Some use restraints or utilize other objects to cause harm. Such violence may have long-term and severe consequences for the residents. It may even result in death.

3. Psychological Abuse

Words or actions that cause mental anguish classify as psychological abuse. Since this type of abuse is harder to detect, it is more common than physical abuse.

Some orderlies or guards name call the residents. They insult them on appearance or intelligence and threaten to move them elsewhere. They isolate them from friends and family and restrict their use of facilities. Some orderlies even blackmail them.

4. Sexual Exploitation

Engaging in non-consensual intercourse, oral sex, or unwanted touching, groping or kissing a resident constitutes sexual abuse. This kind of abuse is rarely reported because the victims are incapacitated or incapable of giving consent. In some cases, other residents also become perpetrators of abuse against fellow residents.

5. Financial Corruption

Intentional exploitations or manipulation of a resident to gain control over their finances counts as financial abuse. Such abusers often obtain illegal means of manipulating a resident’s finances to gain a measure of control over them. They do this by intimidation, deceit, guile, or manipulation because a smiling face easily misleads some residents.

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