What to Look for In a Senior Care Facility

Has the time come that it makes sense to move your elderly parent into a senior care facility? Maybe it’s not for your parent; rather you are the one considering a senior care facility. Where it used to be that these homes were often seen in a negative light, and even a rather depressing place for seniors to move to, today these facilities have taken on a whole new look and tone. The level of amenities and features that you can find in today’s senior care facilities is really quite impressive and because of that it has changed how people view them.

So, as you start your hunt for the perfect senior care facility for your parent, here are a few things worth looking for and being mindful of.

What Level of Care/Assistance Does Your Parent Need?

The first thing you need to determine is what level of care, support, and assistance your parent will need. The answer to this question will automatically narrow down your list of potential options. Some seniors will need very little in terms of assistance, whereas others may need more care such as memory care. You can check out sites like npseniorliving.comfor more detailed information.

Some of the things your parent may need assistance with include

• Bathing

• Getting Dressed

• Housecleaning (most facilities offer this service)

• Meals

• Medication management

• Medical assistance

There’s also the fact that your parent’s needs may change over time so it’s a good idea to be aware of what the facility can offer in the future if needed. Will they cater to dental needs? If not you should contact dentist near me cookeville for your parent’s oral care requirements should you be able to visit on a regular basis.

Does the Facility Accommodate Food Preferences?

The topic of meals is actually one you may want to dig deeper into. It’s more than just where your parent will eat (their room or a dining hall), but what they will eat. It’s nice to know there would be variety offered and that they may even have the option of a kitchenette in their own room.

What Is the Living Space Like?

You’ll want to ask about the specific living space your parent would be offered, asking about the size and layout. Clearly it needs to work for their needs and comfort level. This is also a great time to ask the facility about whether or not you can bring your own furniture and decor. This obviously gives yourparent a sense of familiarity and allows them to customize their space.

What Kind of Social Activities are Offered?

One of the biggest advantages in these senior care facilities is that they offer social activities and programs. This ensures that seniors don’t feel isolated or lonely. It gives them a chance to actually make friendships and pass the time in an enjoyable manner. You can speak to the facility and get a list of all the social clubs, events, and activities so you can see first-hand what is offered.

What About the Location?

Location may also be something to consider especially if you’d like to be nearby so you can visit often.

So, rather than just picking the first senior care facility you come across, there should be a full decision process that takes place with plenty of questions asked.

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