Bernard Matthews: Breadless lunch challenge 

I was challenged by Bernard Matthew to create a family meal using any of their meats. The only catch being that I was not allowed to use bread of any sort. This includes barms, loaves,… View Post

Bernard Matthews: fresh coated poultry challenge 

I am really enjoying working with Bernard Matthews and especially so the wide selection of delicious poultry products I am getting to sample. We eat a lot of poultry in our house and it’s one… View Post

Bernard Matthews Turkey Chunks Challenge

Being a family panel member for Bernard Matthews means that I will be taking part in many mealtime challenges as well as testing out some new products. My most recent challenge from Bernard Matthews was… View Post

Bernard Matthews blogger event

Last month I was invited to a special blogger event in behalf of Bernard Matthews. The event took place at the Horniman museum in London and this was my first blogger event outside of the… View Post

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