Bernard Matthews: Breadless lunch challenge 

I was challenged by Bernard Matthew to create a family meal using any of their meats. The only catch being that I was not allowed to use bread of any sort. This includes barms, loaves, Pitta and nan bread. This did prove difficult to come up with much as being cold cooked meat the first thing anyone thinks of is a sandwich. After some thought and with the help of some sunny weather, I opted to make a pasta salad. I woul usually use tuna or cooked chicken for this. This time I am using 2 packs of Bernard Matthews flavoured chunks. 

It’s a very easy and adaptable dish as you can add to or anything you want. I used onion, tomatoes and orange pepper which I roughly chopped to begin with whilst the bow pasta was boiling away. 


I added one packet of the turkey to a bowl, topped with salad, then the other packet of meat, more salad and finally the cooked/drained pasta. 

Then just stir, add a little dressing and it’s ready to serve.  

Another great recipe thanks to Bernard Matthews. 

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