Bernard Matthews: fresh coated poultry challenge 

I am really enjoying working with Bernard Matthews and especially so the wide selection of delicious poultry products I am getting to sample. We eat a lot of poultry in our house and it’s one thing that we will all eat:

Bernard Matthews latest activity was to come up with any recipe or meal using their fresh breaded product. These include a selection of both chicken and turkey escalopes and steaks. On the Bernard Matthews website there is a big choice of these products, but sadly at my local supermarkets the choice was more limited. However here is what I managed to get. 

I got breaded Turkey escalopes and the chicken (ham & cheese) escalopes. At Asda it’s 3 packets for £5 currently. These escalopes come in packs of 2. Ideally it would of been much better to buy a bigger (family) pack with perhaps 4 or 5 escalopes inside.

The packaging is very minimal on these with a disposable tray and cling film. The escalopes themselves are really big and just one of these is more than enough. 

 As I have fussy eaters I kept my meal idea really simple. If I make nice complicated dishes then I find it does not get eaten and especially so with Ryan. My Bernard Matthews meal therefore consists of the turkey & chicken escalopes, air fryed chips, spicy rice and a little bit of salad.

The escalopes can either be grilled or oven cooked. I chose to grill them on high heat which takes about 15 minutes turning half way. 

Once done they turn a crispy golden colour and I found they still retained their big size rather than shrinking with the heat. Jordanna was quick to exclaim “they are huge”.

This lovely family meal only took me 20 minutes to make in total and was enjoyed by all.     



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