How To Honor A Cancer Survivor In Your Family

Cancer is an ominous cloud that looms over many patients’ lives, preventing them from enjoying life. In the past, a cancer diagnosis was almost similar to a death sentence. Fortunately, modern technology has enabled healthcare providers to detect cancer in its early stages. 

With the right treatment and follow-up care, more patients are surviving cancer and living to a ripe old age. However, you might be afraid to bring up the diagnosis to a cancer survivor after their harrowing experience.

Keep reading this article to learn how to honour a cancer survivor in your family. 

Express gratitude to their caregivers

The journey from a cancer diagnosis to remission is long and daunting. Your loved one couldn’t possibly make it to the other side without the help of their doctors, nurses, and other caregivers who held their hand and never let go. 

Therefore, it would only be fair to recognize their efforts and the love they have poured into your family members over the months or years. You could send some flowers, a thank you card, or a snack they could share over lunchtime. 

Take time to volunteer with them

Your loved one may have had a particularly rough patch during cancer treatment. Perhaps they didn’t have enough money to cater for their chemo or were in such emotional trauma they could eat, sleep or function. 

They might want to do something more meaningful, like volunteer at the cancer centre that treated them or spend time with patients in a cancer organization. The best thing you can do is volunteer with them and show your support. 

Raise awareness and make a donation

People who have not lived in close proximity to a cancer patient might not understand what they go through and the impact on the family. Therefore, an excellent way to honour a cancer survivor in your family would be to raise awareness about the condition and highlight their struggles. 

On the other hand, you could accompany them to a breast cancer awareness fundraiser to donate funds for other patients who lack the financial muscle to pay for treatment and take one step closer to remission. 

Host an event

Some people like to lay low after remission. However, if your loved one is okay with having a small gathering to celebrate their recovery, you could host an event and invite anyone who would like to join the fun. 

One way to celebrate would be to throw a conventional partywith décor, delicious food, and a cake. Another way to honour a cancer patient would be to participate in a run hosted by a cancer organization in support of other patients affected by cancer. 

Final remarks

Anybody who has survived cancer will tell you that no two experiences are the same. Each cancer survivor has their own thought processes, emotions, treatment plans, and journey to remission. Therefore, it is important to recognize every experience as unique and join these patients in celebrating their new lease on life.

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