Surefire Ways To Deal With Super-Curly Hair

Super-curly hair looks great, but its care and maintenance may often stress you out.  You may get loads of compliments for your gorgeous locks, but keeping them under control requires effort and commitment. Moreover, you may find yourself wishing for straight tresses on most days. However, you can ease the process by loving your curls more than worrying about maintaining them for the long haul. 

Mastering an actionable hair care routine puts you on the right track, no matter how troublesome and unruly your hair feels. Unfortunately, there are no one-size-fits-all solutions to resolve the concern. But expert stylists have some proven secrets to help women struggling with curly woes. Let us share a few surefire ways to handle your stubborn curls effortlessly.

Comb from the bottom up

Detangling your curls may seem a daunting challenge because it takes time and effort. Remember that curly hair is fragile, with each curl being a potential breaking point. But you can try the bottom-up technique to do it the easy way. Gently detangle each knot as you move up. The process is far better than compounding them toward the bottom because you will have to yank your way through. Try using a quality detangler product to ease the process, and stick with a wide-tooth comb or a detangling brush to rake through the locks. 

Get regular trim

You may use the best products and stick with the right combing techniques, but the curly hair type is inherently prone to damage. Expect to see split ends more often than not. The worst part is that they lead to a cause-effective cycle, with split ends aggravating frizz and vice versa. Getting regular trims is an ideal solution because they eliminate the damaged hair and prevent further damage. Experts recommend scheduling trimming sessions every six to eight weeks to keep problems at bay.

Take a break from the heat

Heat styling is a popular solution for super-curly hair, but too much heat can cause extensive damage to your hair. Hairdryers and flat irons may give your hair a straighter look in the short term, but they can disrupt your curl pattern and burn your hair cuticle. The condition can worsen if you use heat styling for the long haul and run these tools at a high heat setting. Using a diffuser can reduce the damage during blow-drying. You can also use a heat-protecting spray to prime your curls for styling.

Skip the relaxer

Relaxing seems like a great option to get a hair makeover by transforming your curls into silky tresses. But these chemical products have dire side effects, from scalp inflammation to itching and breakage. You can expect the worst because relaxers have been linked with a high risk of uterine cancer by a recent study. Moreover, victims can legally sue manufacturers for compensation. All they need to do is to look for hair relaxer victims’ legal representation to establish their claim. But skipping the product can save you from the risk and trouble in the first place.

Practice restraint with products

Curly hair is vulnerable, and you can experience a dry or dull phase more often than you imagine. But weighing it down with excess use of a styling product is the worst way to deal with a bad-hair day. Invest in top quality in the first place, and use the styling product sparingly to give your locks extra moisture and bounce. A cream-based product is not the right choice for thin hair. You can try a conditioning spray for lightweight hydration. Spritz it all over, and focus on the ends.

Mind your sleep styling

Managing your hair during sleep takes you the extra mile with the care of your crowning glory. For women with super-curly locks, protecting the curl pattern is the key. It helps maintain natural volume and prevents breakage. Avoid sleeping after a wash and use a satin pillowcase instead of a cotton one as it reduces friction. Gathering your hair loosely at the highest point of your head is a good idea. You must use a silk scrunchie to prevent damage and ponytail creasing.

Caring for super-curly hair need not be a massive burden or expense, no matter how stubborn and unruly it seems. You can follow a few simple steps and trust your instincts to keep it strong and healthy over the years. A professional stylist can also offer some valuable recommendations, so visiting an expert is a good idea. Check this list to do the best for your lovely locks.

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    Great tips for managing super-curly hair! As someone who struggles with frizz and tangles, I appreciate the advice on using a wide-tooth comb and deep conditioning regularly. Thanks for sharing!

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