Reduce The Environmental Impact Of Your Beauty Routine

More and more, people are becoming aware of the environmental impact of their daily activities. From our choice of transport to where we buy our t-shirts, everything we do and buy has an impact on the world around us. Here, we take a look at how to reduce the environmental impact of your beauty routine, from eco-friendly soap bars to bamboo brushes, so that you can look your best without having to damage the planet.

Go for natural and organic ingredients

A lot of beauty products are made using highly toxic processes – one of the best ways in which you can reduce the environmental impact of your beauty routine is to choose products containing only natural and organic ingredients. These products are much less likely to contain nasty chemicals that can be harmful to both your skin and the natural environment.

Avoid single-use packaging

Another effective way of reducing the environmental impact of your beauty routine is to try to avoid any products that come in single-use packaging, such as disposable makeup wipes, or single-use face masks. Instead, try to opt for products that come in reusable (or at least, biodegradable) packaging, and items (such as makeup cloths) that can be used multiple times.

Make your own beauty products

If you’re feeling crafty and want to truly know what’s going into your body, then consider making your own beauty products at home, using natural ingredients such as honey, lemon juice, or aloe vera. This is a great way to control the quality of the ingredients that go into your products, and reduce packaging waste.

Use eco-friendly beauty tools

It’s not just the soaps and makeup products you need to watch out for – it’s the reusable tools as well. Consider switching to eco-friendly beauty tools such as bamboo hair and makeup brushes, and reusable cotton pads instead of disposable cotton or synthetic rounds.

Go for cruelty-free products

While it’s been a cause of outrage for years now, a lot of beauty products are still incredibly cruel in how they test their product. That’s why it’s so important that you choose cruelty-free products when considering your beauty routine. Many beauty companies test their products on animals, which is not only cruel, but also totally unnecessary. Choose companies that have cruelty-free certifications – there are also handy websites that list the worst companies, to help you make an informed decision.

Shop at eco-friendly beauty stores

Finally, for a simple and hassle-free way of reducing your environmental impact, consider shopping at eco-friendly beauty stores that carry a wide variety of natural and organic beauty products. These stores often have a commitment to sustainability and carry products that are packaged in biodegradable or reusable materials, and that don’t involve cruel testing methods. That way, they’ve done the thinking for you, and you can rest assured that anything you buy will be cruelty-free and eco-friendly.

As you can see, reducing the environmental impact of your beauty routine is a really easy way to make a positive difference when it comes to your carbon footprint. By choosing natural and organic ingredients, avoiding single-use packaging, making your own beauty products, using eco-friendly beauty tools, and shopping at eco-friendly beauty stores, you can create a more sustainable beauty routine that’s friendly to both your skin and the world we live in.

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