90s Fashion Trends to Add to Your Closet in 2023

We all know fashion is cyclical, so let us be the first to tell you that ’90s fashion trends are back in a big way. Whether you were actually around when ’90s outfits were first on the scene, or you’re a newcomer to the party, there are plenty of fun ways to sport the new-again looks.

It can certainly be tough to keep up with the ever-changing trendy items of each season. This is why wholesale boutique clothing can be an easy way to source curated clothing that’s always on-trend. Both online and in-store wholesale boutique clothing options will be brimming with 90s fashion trends you won’t find anywhere else. 

With this in mind, let’s get into the top 5 ’90s trends you’ll want to hunt down and add to your closet immediately!

  1. Claw Clips
Claw Clips

Claw clips were a well-loved hair accessory in the ’90s. Fashion icon Rachel Green from the hit tv show Friends was one of the most prominent trendsetters known to wear them frequently. Fashion lovers everywhere took note, and you can now see claw clips worn with the most casual looks to even formal attire. Sweeping your hair up into a claw clip is one of the easiest and cutest ’90s fashion trends to take part in this year.

  1. Bike Shorts
Bike Shorts

If you’re not a fan of short shorts for summer, this trend is a perfect alternative. You can easily put together a modern take on ’90s outfits with this versatile piece. Simply pair them with a graphic tee and sneakers to dress them down, or dress them up with a blazer and a crop top. You’ll get plenty of coverage while staying cool and trendy.

  1. Fanny Packs
Fanny Packs

Fanny packs have made a huge comeback. Though ’90s fashion trends may have you picturing the old-school brightly colored ones with zippers, your options have expanded. Today’s fanny pack selection is much sleeker and stylish to suit a more modern aesthetic with just a hint of retro ’90s vibes. Sticking to trend-aware shops that stock wholesale boutique clothing is an insider tip to easily hunt down current stylish takes on this ’90 trend.

  1. Combat Boots
Combat Boots

The combat boot trend has arguably never left, but regardless, this classic ’90s fashion trend is hotter now than ever. This grunge-era boot is surprisingly versatile. You can pair it with a girly dress for fun, contrasted outfit, or stick to a punky look with jeans and a graphic tee. This item can cost a pretty penny, so sourcing one from a wholesale boutique clothing store can help you find your perfect pair for the best price.

  1. Slip Dress
Slip Dress

Countless iconic ’90s outfits feature a slip dress. Supermodel Kate Moss may just be the most famous slip-dress wearer. Her effortless cool-girl aesthetic is still sought after by women and young girls all over the world. A list of ’90s fashion trends would simply not be complete without this girly addition. You’ll find many different versions of this classic silhouette in 2023 with unique details and fabrics, but they should all add an element of classic femininity to any ’90s outfit. 

These ’90s trends are incredibly fun and easy to pull off and any age or budget. Putting your own unique spin on ’90s outfits by mixing them with modern styles is the best way to effortlessly add them to your wardrobe. The cool girl ’90s aesthetic is all about being laid-back, so make it easy by shopping at whole boutique clothing shops, and don’t forget to have fun!

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