6 Fun Gifts for Your Partner


Whether you’re buying gifts for your partner’s birthday or for Christmas Day, it can be difficult to think of what to get. Over the years, you can quickly run out of unique and thoughtful gift ideas and it can often feel like your partner already has everything that they need.


You might have already thought of an expensive gift to buy for your loved one as their ‘main’ present but it’s always nice to get a few extra gifts on the side. With the smaller, less expensive presents, you have more leeway to purchase fun, quirky, eco-friendly gifts that will make your partner smile. They’re great as ‘filler’ gifts to shower your partner with the treats that they deserve.


There’s an endless amount of eco-friendly, exciting gifts online nowadays. While it’s great to have plenty of choices, it can make the gift-buying process very time-consuming. To simplify and speed up your online shopping, we’ve compiled a list of the best fun gifts to buy for your partner.


6 Fun Gifts to Buy for Your Partner

Below, we’ve listed six amazing gifts that we are sure your partner will love. These gifts don’t cost a fortune but they’re still useful, thoughtful, and unique. Keep this article in the favorites bar on your computer so you can refer back to it next year!


Nerf guns

Many people think that nerf guns are exclusively for kids but did you know that there is adult nerf guns? These branded toys comprise a variety of foam weapons that can be used in sports like basketball, baseball, and American football.


If your partner loves sports and enjoys staying active, an adult nerf gun is a great choice. They can enjoy team games with their friends or play with your little ones outside in the summer if you’ve got children.


Joke toilet rolls

This next gift is certainly more of a ‘jokey’ gift but it’s one that will make your partner laugh. It’s also a practical gift that will get used!

Joke toilet roll is toilet roll that has jokes printed onto each piece, so your partner can have a laugh every time they use the bathroom.


You can purchase joke toilet rolls from most online gift stores or joke shops. It’s cheap and cheerful, and it makes for the perfect stocking filler at Christmas time.


Luxury chocolates

You can’t go wrong with chocolate. To make your gift extra special, buy a tray of luxury chocolatesfor your partner. If they have a favorite brand or type of chocolate, see if you can a large selection box that contains all of the best flavors.


Luxury chocolate will be more expensive than standard chocolate bars and candies but it’s worth spending a little more to spoil your loved one. You can get trays, boxes, and tins of luxury truffles and chocolates, or you can purchase customized bars that have your partner’s name iced on top.


Him & Hers salt shakers

Nothing says ‘I love you’ like matching salt and pepper shakers, right? A Him & Hers salt and pepper shaker set may only be a small gift but it’s one that will be appreciated by your partner. Shakers are cute but practical, and they’ll look great on your kitchen table!



Although wrapping flowers might be difficult, you can pop to the local florist on your partner’s special day (or on Christmas Day) to find a beautiful bouquet for them. If they don’t have a vase, grab one of these on your way home so they can display the bouquet in all its glory.


You could also purchase flowers from an online florist and have them delivered to your door on a date of your choice. Inside the delivery box, you can include a cute note to your partner or even a small box of chocolates as an extra treat.


Slippers or slipper boots

To keep your partner’s feet warm, gift them a cozy pair of slippers or slipper boots. As simple as they might seem, they’re a useful (and inexpensive) gift for anybody. 


There are lots of options out there, ranging from plain to patterned, and they come in all shapes and sizes. If your partner has a favorite cartoon character or TV program, see if you can spot some themed slippers for them.

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