5 Tips For Green And Eco-Friendly Christmas Gifts

Christmas is coming. Do you have a lot of Christmas parties to attend? You may not know that not all Christmas gifts we give to our loved ones will have a positive impact on our environment, because some gifts are non-biodegradable, which will do more harm than good to our environment. Each year in the U.S., 4 million tons go from logs to landfills to make wrapping paper and holiday shopping bags, according to the Clean Air Council, a Philadelphia-based nonprofit. With pollution affecting our planet almost every day and every moment, a practical way we can help our planet’s environment is to consider ‘green’ when giving gifts.

Avoid plastic components

Non-biodegradable plastic waste is the most serious environmental disaster of modern times. The process of oil exploration and making plastic can cause air and water pollution and destroy animal habitats.

Only 15 percent of discarded plastic products are recycled, and the rest will not decompose even if buried in the soil for hundreds of years. It will become toxic substances and greenhouse gases after burning. If plastic waste flows directly into the ocean, it will cause ecological disaster. Therefore, when giving gifts to environmentalists, remember not to choose products with plastic content! Disposable plastic garbage, in particular, should be avoided.

Reduce packaging

After Christmas, rubbish is piled high in the landfills as millions of families struggled to clear crumpled wrapping paper, plastic twine and discarded gift boxes. In addition to the gift itself being environmentally friendly, the simpler the packaging, the better. General gifts emphasize exquisite and stylish packaging. However, for environmentalists, they will be happier when they receive unwrapped gifts. 

Use biodegradable materials

Wood, bamboo, cotton, linen, beeswax, vegetable oil ……, etc. are all natural biodegradable materials.Gifts made of these materials not only have a sense of texture, but also reduce the burden on the environment. 

If your company is going to prepare some holiday gifts for employees, we recommend you to wholesale bamboo fiber reusable coffee cups β€“ excellent eco-friendly personalized gifts that will help grow your company’s good will when customized with your logo.

Avoid harmful chemicals as much as possible

Harmful chemicals can flow into rivers and oceans with sewage, harming marine life and even directly or indirectly affecting our health. Therefore, when choosing a green gift, pay attention to the ingredients list on the back of the product and consider excluding any chemical ingredients that may harm the environment. For example: cosmetics that contain microplastics, clothes that drop microfibers, sports jackets containing PFCs ……, etc. 

Choose practical and useful gifts

Some people like to pick very over-the-top gifts for their friends, like a cashmere potholder or diamond-encrusted anything. But this means that these gifts may sit unused by the recipient for a long time, resulting in unnecessary waste. We recommend forgo the bells and whistles and picking something practical that will improve the recipient’s lives dramatically.

We should pay more attention to sustainable development and care more about the earth’s environment. By passing eco-friendly gifts to more people, we can promote sustainable development and make Christmas more meaningful.

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