Facial beauty and naturalness: How does Facial plastic surgery work?

Facial beauty and grooming plays an essential role for both your physical and mental health.

Facial care takes a great part of spending, nevertheless to say about concerns that arise when mentioning appearance. 

On average, people (women on a large scale) spend around $3 756 per year and up to $225,360 during a lifetime on appearance. 

Are these expenses justified? Or are they useful? The questions remain open.

ADONIS Facial Plastic Surgery Center proposes a high class medical care in a variety of directions. Your spending will pay for itself and produce outstanding results. 

Face beauty services

Face beauty services in ADONIS are aimed to make your appearance even more beautiful with reasonable plastic surgery intervention.

The whole treatment process is developed stage by stage under the qualitative monitoring of professionals. 

Facial plastic surgery Preparation stage include the following check-points:

Individual consultation. Every patient is welcome to choose the specialist among the staff of real professionals of ADONIS. Individual consultation before the start is included into all treatment packages (the same as a medical follow-up during the process). On the first consultation you will get the initial prescription for check-up.

Treatment direction. After the initial examination, you will have a thorough discussion with the plastic surgeon about your concerns, requests and desirable surgery results. Doctor will evaluate the entire health state and give the prescription for more in-depth examination in ADONIS ‘own laboratory.

Treatment plan. Individually adapted treatment plan is developed according to patient’s test results, anamnesis, current health state, undergoing surgeries or diseases, probable allergic reactions or harmful habits.

Taking into account the fact that every case is unique and special, the Preparation stage can be broadened and specified accordingly. 

Facial plastic surgery process

ADONIS technological basis helps to reach the most astonishing results for Facial beauty, tightness, shining and youthfulness. 

The list of procedures includes Circular blepharoplasty, Eyebrow plastic, Face/neck/forehead lift, Rhinoplasty, Jawline endoprosthetics and many others.

During the operation process ADONIS specialists use precise surgical tools which prevent injury to nerves and blood vessels, therefore the rehabilitation will be easier and less painful.

The main task of qualitative Facial plastic surgery is rejuvenation and elimination of pronounced age-related problems of soft tissues, while remaining natural in appearance at the same time.  

No large skin incisions, no swellings and difficult recovery. 

Rehabilitation stage

Rehabilitation stage has its own rules which can not be depreciated.

ADONIS qualitative medical help lies in the fact of total control and assistance until the full recovery of the patient. 

The main rehabilitation measures include the following:

Rebuilding of healthy habits and lifestyle

Professional care of face skin

Lymph drainage massages (after some time of surgery)

Microcurrent therapy (after some time of surgery)

Wearing of compression wear  

Be especially aware that each measurement needs to be approved by your doctor according to your personal case and health state after surgery. The durability of rehabilitation measures are also indicated individually.

For even more detailed information about Facial plastic surgery and its direction visit ADONIS International website.

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