4 Signs You Need to See an Eye Doctor

Many of the eye problems people face today could have been prevented if they knew what they acted promptly. For example, a trip to the eye doctor after experiencing blurry vision can save you from severe eye conditions like cataracts which, if left to develop, might require surgery at somewhere like this melbourne eye clinic to correct. The same as how consulting an Ophthalmologist after experiencing persistent headaches can detect the presence of issues like amblyopia.

While many of us would like to stop eye-related problems before they become full-blown, thus hindering our vision, only a few know the signs to watch out for. Here are five signs that you need to visit your eye doctor.


1. Blurry or Cloudy Vision

Are you finding it hard to see things clearly? Is the sharpness of your eyesight poor? If so, you have blurry vision.

Blurry vision is a common eye-related problem that may indicate a severe eye condition. If you are struggling to see objects clearly, it’s essential to pay a visit to your eye doctor for a comprehensive eye exam. 

Specifically, blurry vision may indicate refractive errors, like near-sightedness, far-sightedness, optic neuritis, infectious retinitis, astigmatism, or cataracts.

Cataracts remain one of the common causes of blurry vision. If your blurry vision results from a cataract, your optician may suggest that you consider cataract surgery. This surgery can help eliminate the cataract and improve your vision back.


2. Persistent Headaches

It’s normal to have headaches after a stressful day at work or home. However, you may have to schedule a meeting with your eye doctor when the headache becomes persistent. Persistent headache or sharp pain, especially those felt around or behind the eyes, can be a sign of glaucoma, eyestrain, or infection.

Headache can also indicate signal issues with binocular vision, including amblyopia or convergence insufficiency. 


3. Double Vision

It’s possible to experience double vision when you hit your head hard on an object, get punched, or swirl around. However, when you see double suddenly without hitting your head or swirling around, you need to see an eye doctor.

But why?

Because double vision may indicate issues like astigmatism, keratoconus, or dry eyes, it can also be a sign of eye-unrelated issues like stroke, tumor, or an illness.

If your double vision is a result of astigmatism, keratoconus, or dry eye, your eye doctor may recommend one of the following treatment options:

● The use of eyeglasses or contact lenses

● Dry eye treatments


4. Eye Pain

Eye pain is not something to joke about or ignore because it involves one of the most delicate sense organs—the eyes. So whenever you experience any sort of pain in or around your eyes, don’t hesitate to contact an eye doctor.

While headaches are quite normal and can result from emotional or psychological stress, eye pains—regardless of the type—are abnormal and can indicate serious problems. These problems include acute angle-closure glaucoma or ocular tumor. If not quickly discovered and treated, they can lead to blindness in a few days.

Other common causes of eye pain include allergies or a foreign object lodged in the eye, infections like pink eye, dry eye syndrome, etc.



In addition to noting the signs mentioned above and reaching out to your eye doctor for recommendation and help, ensure you take good care of your eyes. Eat healthily, wear sunglasses, don’t smoke, and practice frequent hand washing. Taking good care of your eye reduces your risk of developing eye issues that could prompt these signs.

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