5 Inspiring Gift Ideas For Young Children

When you give a young child a gift, you want to know that it has made a mark on the child and not been lost in a pile of never played with toys—as such, spending the time to find inspiring gifts is worth the effort. But it can be hard to know what a young child will find inspiring exactly, so we’ve put together a handy guide of 5 terrific gift ideas to spark young children’s imagination.

Personalized Books

Nothing catches a child’s attention more than seeing their own name in print. Spark the interest in reading by gifting a personalized book next time you’re looking for an inspiringgift idea. With many options available online, you’re sure to find the perfect story for the child in question to read along with as they go on a fantastic adventure. There are even seasonal versions to help bring additional magic to the holidays. After all, which young child doesn’t want to come to Santa’s rescue and save Christmas?

Inspire equality

It’s never too early to learn about and promote equality in society. Start little ones young with the gift of a feminist onesie to instill the need for women’s rights early. Older siblings and friends exposed to these messages benefit as well, helping them understand the issues faced by minorities. Not only do such items carry an important message, but they also look adorable.


Experiences such as zoo and museum visits are terrific for introducing children to new experiences and ideas. However, such venues can be expensive to visit, so consider giving a membership or annual pass to a local attraction as a gift. Having the option to visit whenever they want will reinforce the child’s interest in the subject and break up the monotony of the usual routine. Many adults found their passion in life as a child on a day out.


Music, listening, or playing has been shown to beneficially stimulate brain development in children, making it an ideal gift idea. There are instruments designed for babies and toddlers or for slightly older children; many real musical instruments are appropriate. Or there are music players designed for young children that allow them to listen to songs and audiobooks without ruining the stereo. For elder children, you can opt for grand pianos if they have already taking classes or are keen to learn this instrument. Either option is perfect for the minds of the next generation.

Garden Tools

Children love getting outside and learning about nature. Giving their own garden tools will encourage them to learn about gardening. With their own tools designed for little hands, a child can work beside an adult in the garden, learning from first-hand experience. Gardening is an excellent way to learn about food production and healthy eating, setting them up with good habits for life.

These are only a few ideas for gifts to inspire the minds of young children, but they will undoubtedly help them to see beyond the allure of yet more over-packaged plastic toys that are only played with for a few days before being forgotten.

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