Help your child deal with nightmares with these tips!


Fear of the dark is a common reason for children having nightmares. Parents in Wyoming and other parts of the world are concerned about their kids being affected by bad dreams. You may have heard your children share their daily good and bad dreams. However, you’d be relieved to know that nightmares are preventable with a little input from the parent’s side. It is vital to help your child deal with anxiety to lead a normal life. Read on to find the tips to prevent bad dreams and let the child recover from them! 


What causes nightmares in children?

Nightmares, called bad dreams, are common among children aged 6-11. Some days, they are extremely happy with the dream; on other days, you find them frightened. It is majorly because of the bad dreams and sights they witness at night. Some children have repeated episodes of nightmares that impact them mentally and stress them. The main cause is problematic situations and lack of sleep. Children have a hard time adapting to new conditions and changes. In addition, the children’s reaction to traumatic events such as natural disasters, injury, and accidents. There are several similar situations that a child remembers from the day and later connects with a scary twist. 


What should you do to encourage sweet dreams?

Your responsibility as a parent is to ensure your child gets a good night’s sleep and wakes up with a charming smile. A good night’s sleep also includes sweet dreams. Here is what you can do to encourage happy dreams in children; 


● Practice relaxation: Following a routine and relaxing with your child is crucial. Like the Wyoming Carmelites, you can do a silent prayer, breathing exercises, or meditate for a few minutes during the day. Prayer, meditation, and following a routine will help your child relax. Many parents also use stuffed toys to help their kids unwind and calm their minds. 

● Do not avoid the scary: Parents often avoid things that scare their children. For instance, if your child is terrified of a particular doll and tells you to turn their face away, do not do it. Instead, talk to them, teach them to tolerate their presence, and fight through the fear. The more time they devour with and around the things they fear, the better it will work for them. 

● Retain their brain: your child’s developing brain remembers snippets from the day and turns them into bad dreams. So, when your child gets a bad dream, you should talk to them and make them understand the difference between fantasy and reality. You can discuss the solution for various problems, such as an emergency escape plan for the family. The more you concentrate on the solution, the less your children will fear the unknown. 

● Professional help: If you do not see any improvement in your children, you must consult a professional. Seeking medical aid will help you understand the child’s state of mind. In addition, it is an approved way of helping your child get rid of nightmares. 


Final thoughts

Nightmares are not a cause of concern; however, if your child gets them often and it has started to hamper their everyday living, you must act upon the situation. Your children require comfort and reassurance.

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