Cost Effective Décor Ideas For New Businesses

Starting a new business is exciting, and you want your new business premises to look the part. However, budgets tend to be tight, and usually, decorating isn’t the highest priority when allocating funds. Therefore, getting creative is essential to maximize what money is set aside for décor and fittings. Thankfully the savvy new business owner can stretch their funds and ensure they have a place of business to be proud of.

Make Use Of What’s Already There

If you’re lucky enough to have secured premises that have a raw natural charm to their structure, make good use of that. Exposed brickwork has a rustic charm that you shouldn’t cover up; instead, it should be embraced and loved. Coupled with a positive customer experience, feature walls made of unique materials can help your business stick in people’s minds and prompt them to become repeat customers. Not only have you saved money not plastering over what was already there, but it can be a drawcard for growing your client base.

Use Glass Effectively

Etched glass is a superb way to use glass surfaces to your advantage, but it’s expensive to make and install, leaving no room for error. An excellent workaround is using custom frosted glass film that gives the appearance of frosted glass to existing plain windows. Use it to provide privacy without removing natural light from an internal meeting room or advertise your dental office from a first-story window. How frosted glass film can be employed within a commercial space is endless, making it a genuinely cost-effective décor must-have.

Recycled Furniture

A new business doesn’t necessarily mean new furniture. Depending on the company you’ve started and the space you’re using, good quality second-hand furniture can be ideal for keeping within budget. With a little TLC, old sideboards can work wonders as display counters in homely shops or retro dining tables give a new café character and charm.Leave the new furniture for things like office chairs, as anyone who must sit for periods deserve to do so in comfort.


Plants are proven to be good for people’s mental health as well as the air we breathe. And while there are plenty of companies that will supply and maintain plants on commercial premises, this is an expensive option best left to large companies. For a small-scale new business, there are plenty of inexpensive plants and planters on the market. Many plants require minimal care, so even those who aren’t great with plants will find something they can easily keep looking good. Setting staff and customers at ease is beneficial to the overall health of any new business, and using plants to create such an environment is a superb idea.

Creating décor for a new business of any kind need not be an expensive exercise. Making use of second-hand furniture, cost-effective etched glass film, and plants will create the perfect atmosphere for both staff and clientele, thus aiding the success of your fledgling company.

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