What You Need to Know When Moving Your Home Business Into an Office

Moving your home business into an office is an exciting step, but will come with challenges as you consider the needs of your employees, and take on new contracts. Here are some top things you should consider when moving into an office for the first time.

Equip the office with technology and supplies

You are responsible for supplying your employees with the equipment and resources they need to complete their job. This includes a desk and chair, computers and hardware, all the software to communicate, run programs, and keep the business secure, stationery, kitchen supplies, and anything else relevant to complete their work, as well as spend time in an office all day. Ensure your office has everything and office needs to keep it running productively, including a photocopier which you can rent from photocopier lease in London.

Make it comfortable 

There are many different things in the office space you need to consider, especially as you start to bring in more employees. This should include the colours on the wall, the amount of light in the room, the space, the room temperature, and much more. This can be difficult at first, especially if you are used to working alone at home because everyone has their own preferences. Make sure that the furniture that you supply is comfortable to use, and offer different options for those who need ergonomic stations. 

You should also consider the amount of space you have and the number of employees you intend to hire. You don’t want to make the room too crowded, so you may need to consider upgrading at some point in the future. 

With the COVID-19 pandemic, there may even be more rules than before, such as space to social distance, personal protective equipment (PPE), one way systems, windows, and good ventilation. When sourcing these products, you should ensure you choose reliable equipment from trusted suppliers, such as Intelligent Ventilation Technology from Ziehl-Abegg UK

Decor is everything 

You may just be thinking that a clear space is good enough, as it will soon be filled with people and hardware. However, the decor you have, including the theme of the office to the colours on the walls, will have a huge impact on your employees, their productivity, and the way they feel walking into the office every day. You should consider cleaning and decorating before your employees move in.

The colours in the rooms alone can impact their mood and even their brain function. The psychology of colours can tell you the most important decor moves to make when decorating your office, for example, blue has been linked to job performance and satisfaction, yellow is great to stimulate mental activity, and orange is known for happiness. Use your decor to positively influence your employees’ behaviour, and create a happy, uplifting environment to be in. 

Secure the office 

As your business grows, so will your assets. Even as a small business, your office could be targeted by burglars or even cyber attacks as you work from a different network. Make sure you get adequate security for the physical building and assets, especially if you have employees that are working early, late or on their own. You could consider key fobs and security cameras. You should also secure your devices and software, as you will hold a lot of sensitive business, financial and employment information online.

Make sure you take time to plan the move, so you can cover all of your bases.

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