Botox® Can Help Combat Chronic Dark Circles

The expression, “The Eyes Have It” is exceptionally true when it comes to aging or even looking older. Dark circles under the eyes especially can make a person look tired, depressed, and much older than they truly are. Millions of individuals worldwide suffer from dark circles under their eyes even when well-rested. Sleep deprivation can cause dark circles underneath the eyes in anyone but for some individuals, it is a chronic condition. 

The reasons can vary and go beyond age and heredity, as these dark circles are actually shadows due to oxygen depletion in the eye area and are simply darker pigmented skin as a result. While age does play a part some individuals suffer from these as young as their twenties. 

A build-up of melanin is also a cause

Called hyperpigmentation this causes dark spots to appear on not only the face but other areas of the body. The dark circles under the eyes though are the most apparent. Melanin is the compound that gives skin its color and some individuals simply have more. The usual first approach by afflicted individuals is to buy lightening creams and lotions. If the dark circles are not too bad this can help at least temporarily. 

However, if the condition is so severe that a person becomes socially awkward as a result, then more complex aesthetic intervention is needed and a good clinic or practitioner in cosmetic procedures can provide a more thorough solution. 

Botox uses for dark circles

In recent years, Botox (Botulinum Toxin) has been successful in combatting dark circles. Because blood pooling and therefore dark circles usually appear in thin-skinned areas, Botox used as an injection can plump out this area, increase blood flow and thusly eliminate the dark circles. Botox is a trademarked medication and has passed FDA regulations in the United States and other regulatory agencies worldwide. 

Especially in the delicate eye area, a good clinician or plastic surgeon should administer Botox via injection in this area. Serious side effects or nerve damage to the eyes can occur if the injections are not perfectly administered. Many nerves and muscles are tied into the eye area as well as blood vessels so careful administration of Botox injections must be a primary safety concern. 

Some creams containing Botox can assist

Depending upon the severity of the dark circles, some creams and lotions contain Botox which can assist with plumping out the eye area and eliminating the dark circles. There are some over-the-counter creams or those that can be purchased online that tout the fact that Botox is contained in these but that might not always be true. 

Botox is a prescription medication, used for other medical problems such as migraines and even bladder problems, and even a cream that contains Botox generally needs a prescription to have enough of the toxin present to be useful in eliminating dark circles. 

Legitimate practitioners will insist on consultation

Although under-eye circles do not seem like a great concern to those that do not suffer from this condition, they can be socially debilitating to those that do have this condition. However, purchasing a cream on one’s own or going to “Botox Parties” should never be a consideration as the side effects can be insufferable. 

A good clinic or aesthetician will always insist on consultation before the use of Botox no matter which form is chosen, either creams or injections. Serums also exist but the need for a consultation remains. 

A prescription would not be needed unless Botox is considered a serious drug with serious consequences when misused. Although it is possible to purchase Botox even for injections online without a prescription, in the USA and other developed countries this is considered illegal and there are penalties. 

Botox costs vary widely

Even if just one undereye dark circle session is needed, the demographics of an area will many times affect the price. Affluent areas will see higher prices as the practitioners will have higher prices overall. On the other hand, going by price alone is not a stalwart idea as a cheap practitioner can do damage with injectables or even creams as the creams come in many strengths. Careful examination and care should always override cots when dealing with the eye area especially. 

Insurance may not pay for Botox injections for dark circles, while it will for migraines and other medical issues that Botox is used for. Getting rid of dark circles is considered a cosmetic procedure. 

Even if only prescribed a cream, the drug insurance companies might not cover this expense unless it really impacts one’s life. The majority of insurance companies will cover the costs even for dark circles if this condition is a detriment to social life. There are also special insurance programs now just to reduce the costs of Botox. 

Assistance for dark circles is readily available

Most good clinics and practitioners offer Botox as a remedy for dark circles and understand the embarrassment of living with this condition. Research is needed though to ensure that a clinic or practitioner is licensed, insured, and very skilled in the use of Botox. 

Since serious side effects can occur purchasing cheap creams or injectables is not the answer to overcoming dark circles and could cost an individual their life. Getting references and checking with the American Board of Plastic Surgeons is a step in the right direction as is speaking with friends and relatives about the achieved results that were obtained when using a Botox provider. 

Keep an eye out for adverse side effects

After receiving an injection of Botox for dark circles or even when using a cream, make sure to be aware of any adverse effects such as swallowing problems, or the freezing of nearby facial muscles as Botox can spread in some cases throughout the face. Always follow the clinician’s advice to the letter and report any adverse symptoms immediately. If breathing difficulties occur, a visit to the local Emergency Center is in order immediately. 

Remember, above all, Botox is a toxin and that needs to be kept in mind.

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