6 Makeup Tips to Achieve a Dewy and Natural Look

Using the right makeup products and techniques can help you to achieve a dewy, natural look. A dewy look marries hydrating skincare and moisture-packed makeup. This kind of look is one that makes you look as though you’re fresh, healthy and lit from within. With a little creativity, this look is possible to achieve with products you probably already have in your makeup kit. A dewy, natural look is flattering on anyone, and you can wear it for any occasion. 

1. Brighten up your eyes

Eyes that look bright and not puffy are the essence of a dewy, natural look. To keep the delicate skin around your eyes happy, gently massage in your favorite eye cream all over the eye orbital. Avoid heavy glitter eyeshadow formulas and rather use light, soft shimmery textures to brighten up your eyes. 

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2. Reconsider your base products

A good base is fundamental to creating a dewy, natural look. When your skin is flaky or dull, it’s hard to create this look. Prepping your skin with an emollient moisturizer can even out dryness and soften the skin. Other hydrating products, such as a face primer, can boost your glow before you even start applying makeup. If you have naturally oily skin, you can opt for one with shine control. 

Stick to a cream or liquid foundation and if you tend to use quite a bit of foundation, rather mix a little moisturizer into it to prevent caking. The foundation will even out your skin tone and prepare you for that pretty sheen.

3. Set your makeup

Set your primer and foundation with loose powder all over your face, especially on your T-zone. Using a big, fluffy brush and loose powder can help you to set it without giving it a matte finish. Lightly swirl the brush and tap off any excess before you apply it to your face. Tap the brush a small distance away from your skin to dust the powder over your face and neck. 

You may find it necessary to blot your oil-prone T-zone with a tissue throughout the day to prevent that dreaded shine. 

4. Blend on a creamy blush

You may want the natural look, but you don’t want to look too one-dimensional. Adding a touch of blush to your cheeks will warm up your complexion. A creamy blush is often the go-to for a dewy look, but powders can work too. For powders, use a blush brush to add blush to the apples of the cheeks and sweep up. 

For more creamy formulas, you can dab blush onto your cheeks and use your fingers to smooth it up towards your temples. A lightweight formula will feel smooth against your skin and give you just the right amount of color. 

5. Use liquid or cream highlighter

There are many types of highlighters, but liquids and creams often create the dewy look best. Apply your highlighter in multiple places where your skin would naturally catch the light. You can smooth it onto the bridge of your nose, the high points of your cheeks and your brow bones. It will work anywhere you want the light to bounce off your skin and give you the perfect dewy look. 

If you don’t have the budget to spend on another makeup product, you can use a swipe of coconut oil instead of a highlighter. If necessary, use a satin-finish concealer to hide any dark circles under your eyes. You will immediately make your eyes look brighter by dealing with any darkness. 

6. Try a glossy lip

Lips may be overlooked when it comes to a dewy, natural look. Many people prefer just a touch of color and shine to leave their lips completely natural. 

A glossy lip catches the light and reflects it, just like your highlighter. Prepping your lips is important, and after this, you can use a satin or gloss lipstick to finish off your look. Swipe on a coat of light rosy color and follow up with a lip jelly or clear gloss. When your skin is really glossy and hydrated, it helps to layer your lip products too.

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