Working On Physical Fitness In 2022? Try Integrating These Tips!


Are you keen on changing your body and life this year as well? More power to you! However, there is much more to fitness than just hitting the gym, drinking protein shakes and dieting intermittently. Today, let’s take the time to see ten things that truly make a difference in your body’s wellness.


1) Sleeping well is not an option: When you want a fit body, there’s a lot more in the mix than just sticking to an intense workout regime. You’ll come to the understanding that your body thrives when it gets the time to recover from all the physical exertion you’ve subjected it to. Oftentimes, we are so rushed to get the results we want that we spend our entire day embodying the go-getter energy. It is easy to get caught up in a routine and push our bodies to perform better each day when we’re feeling good. However, you’ll soon burn out if you don’t take the time to reset your energy. Getting six to eight hours of sound snooze time is a non-negotiable, especially for women as we grow. With the weight of additional responsibilities, we need about seven to eight hours of sleep time to process the previous day’s activity.


2) Lead a balanced lifestyle: This year seems to have unleashed the inner motivated beast in all of us; since we were feeling restrained at home for the last two, the pressure of making up for the lost time indoors with hyper-productivity is at its peak in 2022. However, the devil is in the details and deliberation. Doing too much at any given time is only going to make you lose steam and become quickly demotivated. Instead, create a balanced lifestyle where you make time for rest, work, play, personal growth, and family. It is not the biggest challenge of life, but something that we all need to master on our journey to complete fitness.


3) Taking the necessary supplements: Your body can lack many vitamins and nutrients as it ages, leading to unseen diseases. If you think you’re not getting noticeable results with your workouts, or are unable to stick through the entire workout routine, perhaps it’s time to get your levels checked out. Make sure to start taking all the health supplements that benefit you the most, especially vitamin C, B12, and D3. These will help with the strengthening of your muscles and bones as you work out each day. There are now more supplements out there than ever before, such as the nad plus supplement, so make sure to do your research before investing!


4) Making the time for rest days: Rest days are completely different from sleeping six to eight hours in a day; lasting at least 24-48 hours, your rest time is meant to help your body recover from the onslaught of challenging workouts. This is the time when you tend to your body’s sore spots to promote healing. If you struggle with muscle aches after a tough week of working out, try out cannabinoids such as CBD pain relief cream or CBD oil rubs during the rest days to quickly promote blood flow. After CrossFit and heavy lifting five days a week, dedicate some time caring for your body so you can bounce back. Working out seven days a week can do more harm than good, which is why we suggest you take the weekends off to just relax.


5) Eating a well-rounded meal: What you feed your body plays an important role in muscle development and fat burning. You don’t have to go through rigorous crash diets to lose several pounds when you can eat responsibly and aid your body to support your fitness journey. Eating balanced meals with all the necessary nutrients is especially critical for women since our body’s cycle and processes need nourishment. Include iron, proteins, greens, and seasonal produce to stay healthy. Focus on building your immunity to resist any illnesses that may attack when seasons change if you don’t want to be out of the gym at any given time!


6) Add yoga to the mix of weights: If you’re a weight lifter or prefer undergoing intense training, it will be of immense help if you integrate a yoga session into the mix. Yoga flows will provide your body with the stretching and flexibility it needs to keep the muscles nimble. Stiffness and muscle rigidity are two of the most commonly experienced issues when it comes to heavy workout schedules. If you experience muscle soreness and cramps, it’s probably because you’re not stretching well enough to let the muscles relax. Also, if you’re up for the challenge, add resistance bands to your workouts in order to make it more challenging!


7) Make time for mental health: Your mental health is closely linked to your physical health. If you lead a very stressful life and yet push your body to work out every single day, the results you desire may not be achieved in your scheduled timeline. Instead, focus on bettering your mental health along with your physique by using the right tools such as meditation and notice the difference in your focus.


8) Listen to your body’s needs: Not every day will be 100% for your body, and it’s completely normal. As women, our bodies have various phases in hormone regulation, and some days may feel tiring with very little exercise. Listen to your body and take a day or so off to just honor that feeling. In the long run, treating your body kindly and respecting its need to take off days away from your strict schedule will pay off.


9) Stop comparing and enjoy the journey: Consistency is key to honing any discipline, especially when it comes to achieving your dream body. When we look at others’ fitness transformations, making comparisons is inevitable. The truth is that everyone’s bodies are different and has a unique way of transitioning. While some can lose weight as quickly as they gain it, others take time. Focus on your journey and show your body some love for all the work it does.


Wrapping Up:

Embarking on a fitness journey can not take you back several decades but help make the present version of you more robust. The key is to lean into this change and accept where you are to move forward productively. We hope this article helps you achieve your goals at your own pace!

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  1. February 24, 2022 / 13:16

    an interesting read. I got told off by my GP last year for not listening to what my body was telling me and pushing to hard.

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