Med Spa Myths You Should Steer Clear Of

If self-care is just about eating right, exercising, and meditating for you, rethink your goals and plans. You must include quality skincare in your self-care initiative, and it should go beyond using the best products. Getting a medspatreatment is the best way to pamper yourself as it offers a mix of medical center services and day spa care. You can get a range of aesthetic treatments and procedures under the expert supervision of a licensed physician. Despite the immense benefits it offers, several med spa myths can keep you from deriving them. Let us debunk them for you.

Myth #1- Chemical peels are only for people with skin problems

If you have skin imperfections, chemical peels can do wonders for your complexion. But the truth is that they do more than address problems with your skin. You can get the treatment with the goal of maintaining already-healthy skin as well. It can serve as a preventive therapy to steer clear of signs of aging, dull skin, and clogged pores. Mild peels can keep your complexion looking smooth, healthy, and hydrated over the years. 

Myth #2- Laser hair removal can burn a hold in your wallet

While laser hair removal sounds like a costly treatment, it delivers value for money. Compare the expense with the cost of razors and the pain and mess of waxing to know the difference. Not to mention, you have to waste time on repeated sessions after every few weeks. With laser treatment, you get clean and smooth skin in only a few sessions with a permanent hair reduction. 

Myth #3- Botox is only for wrinkles

Another med spa myth to stop believing is about Botox treatment being only for wrinkles. The truth is that Botox has several other cosmetic applications. You can try Botox as a part of medspa at Banerji Plastic Surgery for purposes like lifting eyebrows, softening the jawline, and treating chin dimpling. Experts validate its medical benefits such as treating migraines and resolving excessive sweating in the armpits. 

Myth #4- Fillers do not deliver natural results

It is a misconception you should avoid altogether because filers can do wonders for addressing the signs of aging. They rejuvenate your appearance by replacing the volume you lose in your face over the years. Just make sure that you choose a specialist with the right expertise and experience, and you need not worry about the results. You will get a perfect, natural look with a non-invasive procedure. 

Myth #5- Medspa treatments require frequent repeat sessions

Treatments like fillers and Botox indeed require multiple sessions for maintaining the results. But the frequency of repeat sessions is not as much as you imagine. You may need subsequent sessions after a few months, depending on your skin condition, area of application, and lifestyle habits. Your medspa specialist is the best person to suggest the intervals between the sessions. 

A day at medspa can give you a new look and confidence that comes with radiant and youthful skin. Ditch these misconceptions and book your appointment to retain ageless beauty forever. 


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