How to Tighten Loose Skin on your Face

It’s probably everyone’s wish to maintain their baby-like skin even while they age. However, such is impossible due to the presence of the human growth hormone, which fuels childhood growth.

As you age, your body undergoes several changes. These changes are usually evident in parts of your body like your hair, hands, neck, elbows, and face. Your face—being one of the delicate parts of your body—often shows visible signs of aging. Sagging is one of those signs, and sometimes, it results from other factors aside from aging.

Sagging skin poses no threat to your health. Regardless, it affects your appearance, causing you to suffer from low self-esteem, depression, loneliness, and increased self-consciousness.

If you are tired of constantly staring at the loose skin on your face, the following methods will help firm it. 

Causes of saggy skin

Our skin is elastic. Its elasticity properties enable it to stretch and snap back into place. When your skin loses its elasticity, it starts to sag. Your eyelids, jowls, chin, throat, upper arms, and stomach are common areas where you might see saggy skin. The causes of this skin condition are:

  • Aging
  • Weight loss
  • Pregnancy
  • Illness
  • Lifestyle

Treatment options for saggy skin

Saggy skin can be reduced or eliminated using specific treatment options, depending on the severity of the issue. When thinking about the treatment option to use, consider these factors:

  • The areas of the body where sagging occurs
  • The amount of sagging
  • How you feel about your condition

How to tighten loose skin on your face

Are you bothered about saggy skin in certain areas of your body? Here are some treatment options to consider.

1. Collagen-Based Creams

Collagen is a protein found in the skin. It helps in keeping the skin soft and elastic. As you age, collagen production in the body reduces. Using products rich in collagen can help reduce visible signs of wrinkles and increase your skin’s elasticity.

N: B: Skin type varies. So, ensure that whatever cream you buy matches your skin type. You can conduct a patch test to ensure that the cream is suitable for your skin. If you notice any adverse reaction, contact your dermatologist. 

2. Face Lifting

Face lifting works by lifting and pulling the skin to make a face smooth and firm. This cosmetic procedure—which is usually performed on the face and neck—can be used to treat wrinkles and sagging skin. In addition to treating wrinkles and sagging skin, a facelift can also help remove signs of aging.

Before considering facelift surgery, it makes sense to see a doctor. Individuals who wish to perform their facelift at Stellar Anti Aging, can reach out to the surgeon in charge and make inquiries. Ensure you stop smoking and avoid taking aspirin before the procedure.

3. Vitamin C

Vitamin C plays a vital role in the skin. Deficiency in this nutrient can result in skin gaining. Using creams and lotion that contains Vitamin C can help in increasing the skin’s elasticity, thus enhancing the feel and appearance of the skin.

4. Chemical Peels

Chemical peel is a cosmetic procedure that involves removing the top layer of the skin. It comes in three types:

  • Deep peels that penetrate through the lower reticular dermis
  • Medium-depth peels that focus on the upper reticular dermis
  • Superficial peels that target the epidermal layer

Aside from reducing wrinkles and improving elasticity, chemical peels also help treat acne scars, rough skin, age spots, and freckles.


Loosed skin can make you appear old even if you aren’t. It can as well reduce your quality of life, and raise your self-consciousness. Ensure you stop habits that may promote the formation of wrinkles. Afterward, use the treatment options below to reduce or rid them.

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