Everything You Should Know About Age and Facelifts

Facelifts are most common among women and men over the age of 50. If you are easily thrown off by the wrinkles on your face or the smile lines around your mouth, it is high time you consider getting a facelift. While there is no right age to get a facelift, doctors would typically advise the younger demographic to adopt healthy lifestyle habits such as eating right before considering getting a facelift. This article is here to help you get your facts right before you get a facelift.

Younger patients recover faster

Cosmetic surgeons encourage patients who consider a facelift to get it done sooner and avoid putting it off because older bodies take longer to heal. Younger bodies also respond well to surgical treatments and can retain the youthful look for many years to come. If you wait to get a facelift beyond your mid-50s, your surgeon will have a hard time trying to erase the many decades of depleted collagen, sun damage, and exposure to toxins. However, a facelift in your 60s is a welcome challenge.

Strive to get it right the first time

You must go to a reputable surgeon who will ensure your facelift is done right the first time. Too many patients become devastated when they get a botched facelift and have to seek a second opinion from a different surgeon. When you get a facelift by Dr. Anthony A. Admire, you rest assured your cosmetic surgery will be a success, and you will be happy with your new face. If your first facelift is done right, you can now proceed to get the necessary touchups as you see fit.

Your first facelift should be in your mid-40s

Generally speaking, a facelift lasts about seven to ten years. You wouldn’t want to spend thousands of dollars on a facelift in your 60s when you could have gotten it sooner. Most cosmetic surgeons would recommend you to get your first facelift procedure around your mid-40s to early 50s. You can then take it a notch higher by getting a secondary, refresher facelift in your 60s. However, cosmetic surgeons can still achieve excellent results on patients who are well in their 60s as there is no correct age to get it done. It all depends on the doctor’s level of expertise you choose to visit.

Your doctor will recommend the correct procedure for your age

Identifying your needs and doing extensive research before your consultation will make your surgeon’s work a lot easier. However, your doctor can still recommend the correct procedure depending on your unique situation and age group. In your 30s, your surgeon will recommend a non-surgical facelift to give you a more youthful look, such as Botox and dermal fillers. For patients in their 40s, a face and neck lift would be the best and most effective treatment. If you are above 50, your surgeon would prefer to perform a secondary facelift or a pan facial rejuvenation.

Wrapping Up

The effects of aging can leave you feeling like you aged overnight. However, we hope this article has shed some light on facelifts and will help you make an informed decision. Most importantly, visit a professional facelift doctor to get the right procedure and checkup

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