Kids Shoes Australia: Buying Guide For Busy Moms

As a busy mom, you have too many tasks on your daily list of to-dos, and it could be pretty daunting to spend so much time on one task alone. It doesn’t have to be the case when shopping for your kid’s shoes. With this guide, you can know what variables and factors to consider beforehand to understand what perfect pair of shoes to get for your kid. 

Whatever kind of footwear you’re getting, there are critical common factors to highlight. When these aspects are adequately taken into account, your kid can have comfortable and perfect shoes that are right for any given occasion. And don’t let your busy schedule validate your excuse of not being able to buy the best shoes for your kid.

Here’s a consolidated guide on buying the best kids’ shoes in Australia.

1. Get Accurate Foot Measurements From Professionals

Parents need to take their child’s foot measurements with every pair of new shoes from their favorite brands like Bobux Kids Shoes Australia or other famous Australian kid shoes brands. Considering how fast their growing feet can be, this is an understandable tip. Your kid’s age plays a part in measuring their feet accurately, so it’s best to have your kid’s feet professionally measured. It can be their pediatrician or a foot expert; having accurate measurements will make your shoe-shopping faster and easier.

2. Prioritize Fit And Function

Beachcombing is one definite weekend activity that your kid would love. But for them to enjoy the outdoors, they need to have well-fitted and functional shoes. To determine the right shoes for your child, you must always prioritize fit and function first and foremost. Go for a pair that comes with the toe-box design to allow their toes to have enough space in between each other. Running shoes use mesh or leather, which are both breathable materials.  

A shoe’s ball of the foot should be flexible, while the heel counter at the back should be stiff to maintain a straight line. As for straps, you can find shoes with Velcro fastenings. It secures your child to move around without removing their shoes easily.

3. Go For Shoes With Anti-Slippery Features

As a busy mom, it’s understandable to always look for shoes that give your kid the best functional features. One thing to opt for is the anti-slippery features. Considering how kids would love to play and move around, it’s only best that you safeguard them with non-slippery shoes or flats. 

You won’t constantly check the floors where they walk or run around, and accidents can happen anytime. With soles that don’t come with anti-slippery features, they can result in your kid falling, slipping, and tripping on the floor. It’s a dangerous situation so go for non-slippery shoes.

4. Know Appropriate Materials And Shoe Functions

The typical shoe that children need is a runner, sandal, school shoe, and perhaps boots. It’s important to know what kind of shoe your child needs to choose the right style. Above anything, consider their materials and match them with the required functions. 

Lace, Velcro, or another fastening system should be used on children’s shoes. It would be wise to avoid buying slip-on shoes, which can be pretty dangerous for kids. Breathable shoe materials, such as leather or canvas, are essential. These shoes won’t just be more durable but will keep a child’s feet cooler and dryer, preventing blisters, discomfort, and foot odor.  

Children’s shoes should never have heels, as your kid won’t control their balance with such ground elevation. Stick to flats and even soles for children’s shoes.

5. Consider What Your Child Likes

Let your children decide which shoes they prefer after finding shoes that fit and are designed appropriately for their feet. They would feel happier and more inclined to wear shoes that they have at least liked or wanted in the first place.  

You and your toddler are sure to have a better shopping experience if they have the opportunity to choose a design or color that they like from shoes that fit comfortably.

6. Go For Shoes With Arch Support

Your kid will develop the arch on their feet at least when they become four years old. It is a significant consideration when buying shoes for your toddler. Your child’s body posture will improve, and muscles in the leg and back of the shoulders will be strengthened by wearing shoes with a firm heel counter and good arch support. When a child has flat feet, they must wear supportive shoes. And such shoes with good arch support are best for them.


This guide might be helpful for busy moms to have a few tips on choosing the right shoes for their children. Choose shoes based on their accurate measurements while prioritizing fit and function, anti-slippery features, and high-quality materials. Also, consider engaging your child in the decision-making process so they’ll feel happier with their new pair of shoes.  

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