Educational Weekend Activites The Kids Will Love

Kids can learn while playing – it’s true! They can learn a lot when they’re having fun, and knowing you can both entertain them and ensure they come away with a lesson in tow is a Godsend! But the weekend can be a bit tricky to manage at the moment; taking the kids out is awkward due to the pandemic, but there’s still plenty you can do indoors. And remember, a quick trip out to a park or the beach at quiet times is totally possible. With the ideas below, we can make any weekend a fun and educational one! Here are some of things you and the kids can do once Friday rolls around. 

Family Storytime

Telling stories, and making them up as you go along, is a great skill to have throughout your lifetime. It ensures you’re much more charismatic than your peers, and it helps you to appreciate literature and everyday meaning a lot more too. And seeing as your kids probably already love being read a story before bed time, why not get them to make one up and present it this weekend? Give them a stage and they’ll thrive! 


If you do manage to get out to the beach at some point, maybe it’s time to teach children about the environment? After all, a lot of things can wash up at the beach, including bits of litter, and teaching your kids that it’s good to keep beaches clean can go a long way. It’ll help them to appreciate their natural surroundings more, and if you turn it into a competition, they’ll have a lot of fun filling up their bags. 

But more than this, they could also come across interesting rocks, sea creatures such as crabs, and even find little fossils here and there. If they bring you any of these items, you can sit down with them and explain what they’ve found. And if they do bring a fossil over, they’ll love knowing they’ve been a part of history!


Putting a spot of karaoke on will not only make the kids happy, thanks to just how exciting music and dancing can be, but it can also help support them with their reading and general comprehension. If a child in your household is having trouble with getting through a book for school, putting on a song and getting them to sing along can help them to pick words and phrases up much faster. 

After all, humans have an innate skill when it comes to music, thanks to how we respond to rhythm, and that could go a long way to ensuring your child keeps up with their class. So get a little karaoke machine, hook it up to the TV, and then have a little party this weekend! 

Kids learn a lot when they’re enjoying themselves. Make good use of the upcoming weekend to learn something new as a family, and secretly make some great memories at the same time.

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