How to sort your living room furniture in a new home


It takes a lot of elements for a living room to come together, especially as some see this as the most important and main room in the house. When moving into a new home especially, everything can be extremely overwhelming particularly due to the large volume of storage boxes entering the home. As the living room is the key room of the home, storage boxes can quite often find their way to residing in the living room. However, we believe it is important to have this room set up as soon as possible, so shift these boxes to a spare room if you can, to allow yourself to arrange your living room furniture as soon as possible. Here are some tips.

TV first

Although some people view the sofa as the main feature within the living room, we believe that it must be the TV. After all, in some homes, you can be quite limited to where you put your TV depending on cable situations, and in the majority of cases, a homeowner likes their sofa to face their TV for greater viewing purposes. Wall mounting a TV is getting more and more popular and a TV on a wall looks much less cluttered than a TV on a unit or stand. TV wall mounting can be a difficult process, especially if you have moved into your new home on your own and will struggle to find someone to assist you with this task. If this is the case, contact the professionals at and do not attempt this yourself. When considering the best place for your TV, take cables, lighting, sofa positioning, and fireplace position into consideration. Once your TV is mounted, you can consider areas for your sofa to be placed ensuring that the TV can be seen from this position.  

Sofa positioning

As explained, most homeowners would prefer to position their sofa in a corresponding direction to the TV. However, some may prefer to align this more with their coffee table or fireplace. Most homeowners prefer to have their sofa against a wall, and this is an extremely popular position for your sofa to be situated if you own a corner couch. Other than this, two- or three-piece sofas could be placed directly across from one another with the coffee table in the middle. The TV situation, as imagined will not be directly in front of each sofa which is the main downfall of this setup. If your room is larger, why not try to put your sofa in the middle of the living room instead of against the wall, it may suit the room size better. Although we have suggested a few different positionings, they will not always be right, especially when considering your living room shape. Your personal preference is your best form of guidance and hopefully, these living room furniture suggestions can give you a few ideas to help out with your sofa placement.  

Smaller furniture

Once the key living room furniture is situated, next you can focus on placing the smaller pieces of furniture around the room in correspondence with your sofa set up. Smaller furniture pieces can be the likes of shelving units, sideboards, and side tables. Try and ensure that the style and colour of this furniture are compatible with one another, as there is nothing worse than seeing a living room with a jumble of furniture that does not match. Ensure that these objects aren’t too close together and are as spaced out as possible as it will create a cluttered look and atmosphere. If anything, it is advised to have little furniture and to fill in the gaps with smaller accessories, than an excessive amount of furniture that struggles to fit in the room.  


The main sources of lighting in your living room should be from your ceiling, floor, table, or wall lights. Again, much like the furniture, these do not need to be an identical style with one another however, do try to ensure that the styles and colours link in with one another. For example, avoid a bright pink ceiling lampshade, an ultra-modern green abstract floor light, and a purple desk lamp. These styles and colours will create a clash with the room space. There is nothing wrong with a pop of colour, however with lighting, in particular, try to include neutrals. For a black room space with an orange pop of colour, why not incorporate ceiling downlights, with a black floor lamp and orange table lamp to incorporate the pop of colour through lighting features. 

Now that your living room furniture situation is perfected and finalised, it is time to add in the small details, such as accessories, shelving, mirrors, pictures, canvases, ornaments, plants, and curtains to complete the look of your main room.

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    I appreciate your efforts in gathering and sharing such valuable living room tips. These tips will help to arrange one’s living room in a well-organized way. Keep it up!!

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