Things You Can Repair Yourself

The feeling of panic when something breaks or goes wrong is all too familiar, and in these moments it’s easy to go straight to calling a repair technician so they can take care of everything for you. Sure, sometimes getting professional help is unavoidable, but you could end up spending a lot of your hard-earned money on getting help for issues you could learn to fix yourself. The sense of accomplishment from completing simple home repairs is also a huge benefit, and who doesn’t want to feel capable and self-sufficient? 

In our homes, there are many problems that we could actually take care of ourselves, so read on to find out more about things you can learn to repair.


Although more serious problems with your home appliances warrant attention from a repair technician, there are also some common issues that you could fix yourself with a bit of knowledge and effort. For example, you can fix washing machine issues such as improper draining by checking the drain hose for blockages, and you can also conduct simple refrigerator repairs by using warm water to remove blockages from the defrost drain if the appliance is leaking. Furthermore, if you need to replace certain parts of your appliances, you can easily find retailers that sell, for instance, refrigerator replacement parts or other items you need. Although you may need to spend money on new parts, this is still a cheaper option than hiring a repair technician.

Leaking taps:

A leaking tap is definitely an annoying problem, and leaving it unfixed is quite literally money down the drain due to increased water bills. Perhaps the quickest way to fix this issue is to just do it yourself, and fortunately, a leaking tap usually isn’t a complex problem. To get started, you’ll only need a screwdriver, spanner and replacement parts like O-rings – in most cases, it’s the O-ring that needs to be replaced. Always remember to turn your water off before starting to repair a tap.

Clogged toilets:

Unclogging a toilet isn’t exactly pleasant, but it’s a necessary job and something you can save money on if you do it yourself. Just like when you’re repairing a leaky tap, you should turn the water off before you get to work. Start by putting a plunger in the toilet bowl to cover the hole, making sure that that water covers the plunger, and then pump a few times until the water drains away. Then, you should add more water to cover the plunger again and repeat the process until you dislodge the blockage. After this, flush the toilet a few times to make sure that the blockage has cleared the system.


Repairing your own clothes is an important skill, helping you to save money and protect the environment by not just buying new clothes instead. Learning to sew will enable you to fix small tears and reattach lost buttons, and there are plenty of videos and tutorials online to help you. If you become very good at sewing, you could also use this skill to modify and redesign clothes to make them more comfortable or trendy.

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