Boiler Care Tips for Homes

How do you care for your boiler? Many of us don’t give our boiler the attention it needs. Here are some tips to help that.

1. Annual boiler service

One of the best ways of increasing the lifespan of your boiler, preventing damages, and making sure it runs properly is to get your boiler serviced annually. You are also going to keep the manufacturer’s warranty valid by having it professionally serviced. This is carried out by a Gas Safe Registered engineer who is going to make sure all components are working properly.

The expert is going to detect an issue before it becomes a serious problem that forces you to spend a lot of money later. Make sure you book the Gas Safe Registered engineer to check the boiler system, don’t delay. Get in touch with

2. Repressurizing Your System

When the boiler is running, look at the pressure gauge so you can ensure that it is within the recommended values. Repressurising your boiler from time to time is going to make sure the is even heating in your home and provides hot water when you need it. Do it carefully so you don’t damage your boiler.

3. Bleeding Your Radiators

Are your radiators starting to be cold at the top and warm at the bottom? If this happens, it means that there is air that is trapped inside, which is going to reduce the efficiency. The steps below are going to help you solve the issue:

Protecting the carpet using plastic covers because they are going to help in preventing potential stains

Put the key into the bleed valve then turn it anticlockwise, and make sure you hold an old cloth underneath so you can catch any droplets.

Closing the valve by turning the radiator key clockwise.

Once you are done doing this, the radiator is going to be warm from the bottom to the top. After bleeding the radiators, make sure you check the boiler pressure because this procedure can lower it.

If you bleed the radiator but it isn’t getting hot, then have a look at the thermostatic radiator valve. This is the valve that has temperature control numbers. The pin can sometimes be stuck and prevent the water from getting into the radiator. To fix this problem, start by removing the cap of the thermostatic vale then using an adjustable wrench to move the pin up and down. This will loosen it and the water will start flowing.

Bleeding radiators can be confusing. There is also the risk that the boiler pressure drops drastically and this makes things worse. Expert help is going to make things easier for you because someone experienced is going to handle everything, including bleeding the radiator safely. 

4. Checking the Ventilation

Keeping clutter and items away from the boiler to allow proper ventilation. You need to let the boiler breathe if you want it to work safely. The boiler gets warm as it works.

If your boiler is housed in a box or airing cupboard, ensure that it has an access panel because you want to have an easy time maintaining it.

5. Balancing the Radiators

This is when you adjust the valves of the boiler to create an even distribution. In most cases, the radiators that are furthest from the boiler tend to be cooler.

There are some radiators that are trickier to bleed compared to others, but it is important to do it because it will ensure your home is being evenly heated. If it is a larger property, then you need to call a registered gas engineer to help.

6. Lagging Your Pipes

Your pipes can start freezing over when it gets cold, and this will make your heating inefficient. It can even result in boiler breakdowns. A good way to prevent this is by lagging them.

Lagging is a type of insulation that is used on pipes. They are inexpensive and you can buy them ready from any handyman. It is also easy to install because all you have to do is wrap the pipes. This is a simple thing that is going to save you a lot later.

7. Checking if the Flue is Accessible

The boiler flue has to be easily accessible, according to government regulations. Loose joints or cracks may leak carbon monoxide, which makes this important. If you have one that goes into your ceiling, then call a gas safe engineer who is going to install flue access panels.


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