Why is Raw Dog Food the First Recommendation of Every Veterinarian?

“I think dogs are the most amazing creatures; they give unconditional love. For me, they are the role models for being alive.”- Gilda Radner 

Dogs are one of the most adorable creatures on the planet. What makes them lovable pets is the fact that they love unconditionally. You feel them once, and they are yours forever. That’s the beauty of a relationship you share with them. 

While they bestow you with the purest form of affection, they deserve to be fed the best food in return. This is the second-best thing you can do to make your pet feel valuable. Spending time with them will always be the first-ever best thing they love. Maybe that’s the reason behind the increasing population of dogs, especially in the United Kingdom. There are more than 12.5 million dogs in the UK. 

Pet’s diet – A concept of concern

It’s hard to talk about your dog’s health and diet chart without discussing the different benefits of the same. Above all, it’s important to know why switching to raw dog food is a progressive decision. 

Yes, you read that right! Raw dog food contains so many nutrients and health benefits that you can’t resist including it in your four-legged friend’s diet. It is considered a ‘miracle diet for pets, especially when your pet has been suffering from a long-time ailment.

It is considered a β€˜miracle diet for pets, especially when your pet has been suffering from a long-time ailment.
Fruits and vegetables are rich in antioxidants and essential vitamins and minerals. And most dogs love munching on raw veggies, even ones you wouldn’t think would be popular such as broccoli and green beans. So, can dogs eat cooked green beans? And what about raw? The answer’s a resounding YES! Raw green beans, as well as celery and carrots, make for excellent snacks for your dog.

If you are a new pet owner with no idea of dogs’ raw food, you need to read this. Raw dog food is nothing but meat and fresh veggies. When you plan to give your pet meat in the raw meal, make sure to mince or dice it properly for easy digestion. 

Now, let’s explore the different perks of feeding raw food –

#1 – Digestion – It is one of the most obvious and biggest perks of feeding them fresh and raw food. It is a preferred meal type if your dog’s poop is messy and more in a liquid-y form. It fights back digestive diseases while acting as an effective probiotic. The best part is as soon as you feed it, you are likely to see positive results in no time.

#2 – No more gas issues – Dogs’ digestive problems are one of the common reasons behind discomfort noticed in their behavior. Dogs are not good at passing excessive gas and relieving themselves. This often leads to throwing up after a ‘hearty’ meal or eating excessive amounts of kibble. But that’s not the case when you feed them raw dog food.

#3 – No scope of allergies – It may interest you to know that corn and wheat act as the topmost allergens for almost all dog breeds. If you have been witnessing allergy issues in your pooch for a long time now, there is nothing better than picking a raw food diet from now. So, all in all, it will help you get rid of that never-ending allergy drama, vet bills, medicines, health and dietary precautions, and much more. That’s the reason highly concerned pet owners in the UK prefer raw dog food in the UK to keep their dogs hail as hearty. If you are confused about the right amount to feed, ensure to check it with an expert or veterinarian.

Also, some specific dog breeds are allergens, especially in the summer and spring season; they prefer to accompany the raw dog food diet with some homeopathic products. If not anything, a custom product or diet chart is enough to soothe your pet at its best. 

#4 – White teeth – It’s embarrassing and gross to see your pet smiling with dirty teeth. This reflects your grooming efforts towards your pooch. But why let that happen when you can wave off such issues by feeding them the proper meal? Yes, you understood that right! You can let your four-legged friend enjoy good gum health while eliminating lousy breath issues in no time. All it requires is feeding them appropriately. And your dog will be kissable in no time.

#5 – Upsurging energy levels – No pet owner wishes to see his pet sitting quietly in one place. If you notice this in your puppy for more than a day, consider it as an alarming sign to bring some much-required changes in the lifestyle and diet plan. Dogs do not feel as tired quickly as most human beings are. This is why it should be seen as a serious concern. What your fur baby eats has a lot of impact on the behavior and overall energy levels. No wonder a bunch of carbs from kibbles is likely to give your pet the right energy spike, but soon the dog may feel tired too. Fortunately, that’s not the case when feeding raw dog food consistently.

#6 – Improved immune system – What do you think are why wolves and wild dogs seem to have fewer health complications as compared to domestic pooches? The clear factor is diet. Wild pets eat a good amount of raw food as compared to pets. That brings a significant difference in their behavior and overall well-being. Natural dog food contains a good amount of fatty acids and other immunity-boosting nutrients required for a puppy’s body. As a result, when you feed raw food, you reduce the chances of witnessing inflammatory conditions in your pet for real.

#7 – Diabetes – The fatter and older the pet gets, the more prone s/he is to severe health issues like – arthritis, diabetes, and much more. Raw food is likely to control the blood sugar levels in pets, preventing them from underlying health problems forever. Moreover, this will help your pet obtain and maintain a better physique while eliminating the risk of quickly catching an injury or disease.

The final word –

Your meal preparation and planning play a crucial role in deciding your pet’s health. There are many factors and measures to consider here to bring the best results to your table. This should be done in alignment with your pet’s height, weight, taste preferences, age, and breed. If required, seek a veterinarian’s suggestion for the best results.

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