6 Tips for Caring for Your Pet This Winter

It’s not just the hot weather that we pet owners need to watchout for. 

Did you know that the winter months can pose just as much of a threat to our four-legged friends? And the climate is certainly getting colder as we approach that time of year.

If you want to go the extra mile for your fur-babies, check out these six pet care solutions to try this winter.

1) Daytime Walks

It’s already getting dark a lot earlier in the day.

So if possible, switch up your routine and walk your pooch when it’s still light outside. Not only is it safer for your pet, but it’s safer for you too!

If you have to go out when it’s dark outside, then be sure to invest in some hi-vis accessories and carry a torch with you. 

2) Keep Them Cosy

Just because your pet has a fur coat doesn’t guarantee that they’ll stay roasty toasty when it’s cold outside. 

Have plenty of blankets around for them to snuggle up in, and when you take your dog for a walk, pop them in a jacket and booties to help them keep warm. 

3) Watch Out for Antifreeze

Antifreeze is excellent for keeping our cars up and running in the colder months, but it can be life threatening to our furry friends. 

The poisonous element of anti-freeze is unfortunately sweet, drawing the attention of our pets’ hungry little tastebuds. But if ingested, it will cause lethal damage to their kidney and nervous systems. Keep antifreeze away from your pets and be aware of the symptoms of antifreeze poisoning.

4) Check Under Your Car

Our feline friends are drawn to the warmth of our cars, so they find themselves inclined to take their cat naps under our engines.

In the winter it’s extra important that you check underneath your car before driving off – not just for your moggie, but for any neighbourhood strays as well! 

5) Minimise the Mould

You might not realise this, but mould can be a common household problem all year round, and one that can set off your animal’s allergies.

Avacta Animal Health are experts in the prevention and treatment of allergies in pets and are more than happy to advice you on how to keep your home a safe and comfortable place for your pet to live.

6) Melt Pond Ice

When the temperature drops our garden ponds can freeze over, trapping in gasses that are toxic to our fish. 

Rather than breaking the ice and risking causing them an injury, instead place a pan of boiling water on the surface to melt a hole. This way you’ll be able to safely create an escape for those gasses that tend to build up. 

It’s better to be over cautious, so make sure that you shop around for a good pet insurance, to ensure that your loyal companion has the cover that they need. 

How do you prepare your pet for winter? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. October 26, 2021 / 08:20

    During winter, the mercury plummets to an all-time low and the chill in the air becomes unbearable. The time between December to February is excruciatingly cold, not only for us humans but for our dear pets too. It is, therefore, our responsibility to think about our pets’ safety and comfort in the cold months.

    The article tells about 6 tips for caring for your pet this winter which many pet owners are often confused about or unaware of how to handle so this information might help. I appreciate you sharing this information with us.

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