8 Easy Ways To Protect Your Child From Mosquito Bites

We all want to protect our children from mosquito bites. Mosquitos are always on the prowl for new victims and this includes children. They can carry illnesses and their bites hurt and itch a lot. Here are 8 easy ways to help avoid these pesky insects without having to resort to chemicals or other harmful substances!

1. Use Organic Repellents

Using organic repellents is a great way to help your child avoid mosquitoes. You can make your own repellent or you can buy an all-natural one at the grocery store. Here are some examples of natural mosquito repellants for organic mosquito control: Citronella Essential Oil, Lavender Essential Oil, Tea Tree Essential Oil, Catnip Essential Oil, Eucalyptus Essential Oil, Rosemary Essential Oil, Neem oil (primarily works on ticks). You can either use a pre-made product or you can mix a few of these oils to make your own homemade organic mosquito repellent.

2. Dress in Light Colored Clothing

Mosquitos are attracted to dark colors because they absorb heat and light reflects better than dark colors, so the mosquitos will be turned off by wearing lighter colors. Clothes like white or yellow are great choices for making your child less attractive to mosquitoes while playing outside.

Dress your child in long sleeves and pants when you are outside. This helps protect them from mosquito bites because they can’t reach any exposed skin to bite it. However, make sure the clothing is loose around their arms and legs, or else that will create little air pockets where mosquitoes can get through. You can also dress your child in light colors (white or yellow) because mosquitoes prefer dark colors like black and blue. If you want to dress your child in shorts and short sleeves, try to stick to lighter colors like pink or white so the blood flow underneath isn’t noticeable to the sun like darker colors like blue or red.

3. Make Sure Your Child Wears Shoes

Make sure your child is wearing shoes when they are outside playing because mosquitoes can get in through open-toed shoes and bite them there. If your child enjoys walking around barefoot on the grass, make sure you trim all of the grass on your lawn short so they won’t be able to walk on it since mosquitos lay their eggs in tall grass. It’s also important that if your child has very young siblings around, that you keep an eye on them while they’re playing outside because little kids tend to play with their toys on the ground where mosquitos will more than likely appear.

4. Set Up Mosquito Nets

If your child is sleeping outside, which is totally fun for them, set up a mosquito net to protect them while they are asleep. You can either buy one or you can make your own with some string and that old white sheet you don’t use anymore. Just find the center of the sheet, pull it tight, and tie the 4 corners together so it forms a little pocket where mosquitos can’t get through. Make sure you tuck the edges under the mattress so there’s no gap between it and their bed – this way no mosquitoes can sneak inside!

Getting mosquito netting for your child to sleep under will help protect them at night while they are sleeping in their bed because no mosquitos will be able to reach them through it if it isn’t touched. If you want, you can also buy a regular mosquito net that is similar except it doesn’t have any fabric over it – just think of how easy to travel with it would be if it is lightweight.

5. Use Mosquito Traps

Using mosquito traps will help capture all mosquitos in your area so they won’t be able to bite anyone else around you including your child. The mosquito traps work by emitting carbon dioxide, heat, and moisture to attract mosquitos. Then the mosquitos get stuck on the adhesive inside of the trap so they won’t be able to reach your child or anyone else around you. Use traps for other pets as well to prevent a pest invasion!

6. Use Natural Plants For Your Child’s Room

Using natural plants in your child’s room to help protect them from mosquitos while they sleep can also help cut down on the number of mosquitoes that fly around while your child is sleeping and biting them while they do so! Some good natural plants you can use for this purpose are basil, catnip, lavender, and lemongrass – just make sure you keep them watered so they don’t dry out.

7. Turn Off All The Outside Lights Before Bedtime

Mosquitos are attracted to lights because that means people will be there to bite, but turning off all the outside lights before bedtime will discourage any mosquitos from coming to bite your child while they sleep. This is important because mosquitos are most active at night when you have all the lights on, so getting rid of this will help protect your child since they won’t be just sitting still with bare skin for mosquitos to easily find them.

8. Keep Your Child’s Outdoor Toys Inside When They’re Not Playing With Them

Mosquitos are drawn towards toys that are left outside because they contain beads or other things that can collect moisture, which mosquitos need to lay their eggs and reproduce – then you’ll end up with a whole bunch more mosquitos in your area! It’s best if you keep any outdoor toys inside when, not in use and put them away in a storage container (preferably with a lid so mosquitos can’t get inside) so your child won’t be exposed to them and no new mosquitos will be created as a result. 

So what do you think? As you can see, there are plenty of ways for you to protect your child from mosquito bites! Whether you decide to use different tricks or materials to keep them protected, just make sure you have fun with it so they don’t get bored of what you’re doing. If you do decide to use some natural plants in your child’s room, make sure that they are safe for this purpose because if their skin is sensitive, then these types of plants may cause an allergic reaction. Also, remember to protect yourself from mosquito bites as well!

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