Top Career Change Tips For Busy Mums

Changing career can be intimidating.

And your anxiety is compounded if you’re a busy mum who has to balance domestic and family commitments with earning a living. 

Furthermore, the shifting sands of a pandemic environment makes substantive career moves feel even more untimely – with so much going on in the world, is now really the time to take a risk?

Despite the possible negatives, the good news is that you don’t need to put up with a job that neither suits your family commitments nor satisfies your ambitions. And actually, there are some aspects of the ‘new normal’ that might very well be in your favour.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some top career change tips for busy mums. 

Get philosophical

First off, don’t panic. If you know that a change is a must but aren’t sure where to start, take a step back to consider your options in a calm, considered and philosophical way. Emotional Intelligence organisation The School of Life has some great advice on Career Crises which is definitely worth reading – it covers everything from the history of work to work-life balance and provides some sage suggestions on filtering your choices so that you’re left with several jobs you might love. The results might surprise you!

Passion to profit

Another great option is converting your passion to profit. If you’re skilled at a particular hobby – whether it’s knitting, woodwork or making hilarious memes – there’s no reason that, with a little advice, it can’t be monetized. If your friends, family and colleagues rave about the quality of your cupcakes, crochet work or cartoons, perhaps you can set up your own website to sell products or even seek sponsorship on a site for creatives like Patreon? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to get paid for something that nurtures you? 

Ditch the office

If you’ve been working from home during the pandemic, haven’t missed your regular commute one bit and have embraced the flexibility of working remote to regain yourlife/work balance, the thought of returning to 9-5 office lifemight fill you with dread. But if your company is not making any provisions for remote or hybrid working, the likelihood is that there are plenty of progressive competitors who are. If you’re interested in jumping ship, Forbes has produced a handy rundown of top companies who will welcome talented employees who never want to go back to the office

Online degrees

Studying for a formal degree is still one of the best ways to switch careers – especially if you earn an accredited, career-focused qualification that’s attractive to employers. And while studying full-time on a physical university campus might be impractical, earning your degree online on a part-time basis means you can study flexibly at times that fit in fabulously with your lifestyle. For instance, if you’re a budding entrepreneur, an online MBA from ARU Distance Learning would be a great option, but there are plenty of top-notch courses to choose from. Additionally, for those with a passion for psychology and a desire to advance their academic journey swiftly, some institutions also offer fast track Phd programs in psychology.

Make yourself a cuppa and consider which of our career change tips suit you best – then have fun making a smooth transition!

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