Fresh Content: How to Look After Your Garden This Summer

If you feel like you’ve been stuck in your home for months without any reprieve it’s time to make the most of the warmer weather and set up your garden for communal gathering, BBQs and summer parties. Get your summer garden ready by cutting back the trees and weeds and letting the grass grow long.  

Water wisely 

In the summer your plants and trees will need to be watered. The soil tends to dry up more than usual and your garden greens will get thirsty and might even shrivel. But it’s important to get the water balance right. 

It might be tempting to water your garden plants every day but that isn’t a good idea, there is such a thing as too much water. About an inch of extra water per week is ideal and water in the morning, not the afternoon. 

Look after containers 

So you have annuals and perennials in window boxes and containers? These are lovely features in the garden, especially in the summer months when they blossom and bring colour and life to your garden. 

But container flowers and plants often require more attention in the warmer months. Take them out of direct sunlight to protect them from drying out and give them a deep soaking of water every day. 

Tree surgery 

Chances are your garden will be taken over by unruly trees come the summer, that’s because they grow in all directions through the winter when there is a lot more precipitation than usual. But the summer is the perfect time to take care of it. 

Hire a Tree Surgeon this summer to cut back your trees and foliage to keep your garden under control going into autumn and then next winter. A tree surgeon will also take care of excessive weeds. 

Lawn care 

The summer is the obvious time to cut the grass short, the sun is out and the soil is dry. It’s much more realistic than running the mower over it when the earth is soggy, but actually, longer grass is better in summer. 

During summer the soil becomes dry and turns the grass brown making it harder to recover in the autumn and winter. But if you leave it to grow long through summer the taller grass will help to retain more moisture. 

Remember to weed 

Weeds are a perennial issue that requires regular treatment. Weeds in the garden tend to soak up the nutrients and minerals for the other trees and plants in your garden making them less likely to flourish. 

If you want your garden to be at its best this summer identify the weeds early and get rid of them by weeding them out or using some eco-friendly weed killer  


Summer is here and it’s time to sit in the garden and enjoy the trees, plants, grass, and sunshine. It’s also a the perfect time to weeds the garden and cut back the trees, doing so gives you a nice garden to enjoy in summer and prepares it for the colder months ahead.

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