Aldi Launches A New Barbecue Range To Target UK Vegans

The UK has always been one of the most unfavourable places for vegans who love vegan barbecues. This is evidenced by British statistics, which show that  25%(a quarter of Britain’s population) don’t want vegans at their barbecues. Most homeowners cite having a hard time catering for vegans as the reason they don’t prefer to have people who choose not to eat anything derived from animals at their barbecues. 

Just like Britons, many restaurants and supermarkets in Britain have not been catering for these plant-based food enthusiasts. Most of these commercial enterprises only offer barbecue ranges that are suitable for non-vegans, leaving vegans with limited options. 

Britain-based vegans typically order barbecue meal kits from meal kit delivery services that cater to their dietary preferences. For starters, meal delivery services are companies that send subscription-based customers partially-prepared or pre-portioned food ingredients and recipes to prepare home-cooked meals. Green Chef, Sun Basket, Purple Carrot, Veestro, Fresh n’ Lean, and Splendid Spoon are some of the biggest names in the industry. Vegans then use the ingredients plus recipes provided by their meal kit providers to make vegan barbecues on their own. 

Of all the meal kit delivery services mentioned above, it is only Green Chef and Purple Carrot that are available or, at least, ship to the UK. If you would like to get started with a service as a vegan who is living in the UK, you can read the  6 best organic meal delivery services 2021 post first. This will help you better understand the similarities and differences between Green Chef and Purple Carrot as the only meal kit providers in the above list that can be found in the United Kingdom. 


Aldi’s New Vegan Barbecue Range

To cater for barbecue-loving vegans in the UK, Aldi has recently launched a fabulous vegan barbecue range. The budget supermarket chain’s latest vegan barbecue offerings have been inspired by two globally famous food chains; the American-owned KFC and South Africa’s Nando’s.

The brand’s plant-based barbecues are an extra burst of flavour. While Aldi has several offerings from which you can choose, the supermarket’s most outstanding offerings are; Zanzibar-inspired vegetable kebabs(Zanzibar “veggiebabs”) and Korean-inspired skewers. 

Here’s a little more about each barbecue;  

i. Zanzibar “Veggiebabs”

Aldi’s new Zanzibar Veggiebabs are an incredibly yummy choice for vegans. Though filling, these East-African-inspired snacks taste so good that you might end up wanting to indulge in them nonstop. They are made with a blend of chickpeas, roasted red peppers, and courgette. As for the seasoning, the company uses coriander, coconut, chili, and curry spices. 

ii. Korean-Inspired Skewers 

These are a perfect way to spice up your summer parties with a mouthwatering, vegan option.  

They are made with mushroom-based kebabs packed with courgettes, sweet potatoes, rice, and seitan. They are seasoned with strong flavors of spring onion, ginger, garlic, and hot Sriracha sauce.

Aldi’s New Vegan Barbecue Side Dishes

Since Aldi understands that a barbecue wouldn’t be complete without a burger, the company has decided to complement their new vegan barbecues with two new plant-based burgers. These are available in either Japanese Teriyaki or Mozambican Peri-Peri flavors. 

i. Peri-Peri Burger

The delectable Peri-Peri burger blends sweet potato, brown rice, carrot, sweetcorn, and red peppers to provide an irresistible taste. It is topped with a Peri-Peri glaze to enhance the flavor a little more.

ii. Teriyaki Burger 

The Teriyaki burgers are made with a mix of cooked rice, broccoli, cauliflower, onion, carrot, and red pepper, and come with a sachet of Teriyaki glaze.

Aldi’s New Vegan Barbecue Accompaniments

Besides sumptuous burgers of two different flavours, the supermarket has gone a step further to provide two mouth-watering accompaniments for its new vegan barbecues. These are in form of salads and here’s a little more about each;

i. Vegan Potato Salad

Aldi’s vegan potato salad for the supermarket’s new vegan barbecues is outrageously delectable. The accompaniment is made with shredded spring onions and chives, plus diced potato, and an egg-free mayonnaise that is characterized by fava bean powder, which is high in plant-based protein.

ii. Vegan Coleslaw

Just like its vegan potato salad, the brand’s melt-in-your-mouth vegan coleslaw will significantly enhance your barbecues. The accompaniment delicately blends a shredded vegetable medley of carrot, onion, and cabbage in an egg-free mayonnaise.


i. Why is veganism such a big deal for some people?

Answer: well, the vegan diet offers lots of health benefits including it; promotes weight loss, lowers the risks of developing certain types of cancer, and lowers cholesterol levels.  

ii. Can anybody else apart from a vegan consume Aldi’s new vegan barbecues?

Answer: YES, of course. There’s no harm in consuming plant-based foods, for anyone. 

iii. How do I purchase the above vegan barbecues?

Answer: You can do so by visiting any nearest branch of the supermarket. The branches can be found in Saffron Walden, Basingstoke, among other UK locations. You can use their store locator to find your nearest branch. 

iv. Are barbecues really healthy?

YES, of course. Barbecues are made by heating the food from below. As such, the harmful fats drip away, leaving you with a very healthy delicacy that is free from bad fats. 

v. Are vegan barbecues best made by professionals such as Aldi chefs?

Answer: Not necessarily. Matter of fact, barbecues are generally some of the easiest-to-make delicacies. All you need to do is barbecue your plant-based ingredients while flipping them frequently on a barbecue machine until they are well-cooked. 

Final Thoughts

For a long time, people, restaurants, and supermarkets in the United Kingdom have avoided catering for vegans when it comes to barbecues. Nearly a quarter of the population will not consider vegans when they throw a barbecue party. Similarly, many restaurants and supermarkets do not offer plant-based barbecues. It leaves plant-based food enthusiasts with fewer options compared to their counterparts. 

The Aldi supermarket chain has stepped in to fill the gap by offering a melt-in-your-mouth range of vegan barbecues. Some of its top-selling options in the category include; Zanzibar “Veggiebabs” and Korean-inspired skewers.

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